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Iran calls London 2012 logo "racist"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. The logo...

    What do you see in it (besides being ugly)?


    The story...

    Iran says it might boycott the 2012 London Olympics because of the event's "racist" logo...


    I think I can see the words "Iranian government is stupidly paranoid and barking mad".
  2. I think it says "Ahmadinejad is a clever media manipulator who knows how to grab headlines and harness the prejudices of his constituency".

    Something vaguely familiar about that.
  3. I see a stylised bloke about to get some oral from a very large headed person. I think the Iranians are having too much hashish to see what they see.

    Speaking of logos with sexual overtones, anyone else spotted the naughtiness in the A-style logo?


    If you don't, click >here<
  4. if they do boycott the Games, will anyone notice?
  5. I can see Australia (the part with the olympic rings in it).

    NOTE: Strong imagination needed.
  6. I see a masonic jew NWO conspiracy, or a pretty butterfly. Cant decide.
  7. I see graphic art that belonged in the late 80's
  8. Yeh I can see the word zion as clear as day.
    how can you miss it. Also, check that link - didn't work for me
  9. Rob,

    I laugh everytime I see that logo. I can't believe they still get to use it.
  10. Well, the "O" (and it's very loosely an "O") looks more like an abstract image of the map of Australia.

    OK, so Iran boycotts the Olympics. Let it.
  11. It's Australia man giving head to the UK. We should be offended.
  12. ..What a crap logo!!... hope it didn't cost too much to develop (can't see how!!)..

    ..Is it one of those elephant paintings??...[-(

    PS: the logo was launched in 2007, Iran has had plenty of time to gripe about it
  13. They're probably only complaining now because they've just worked out how much it'll cost to censor the logo in all the state-run media.
  14. #14 ogden, Mar 1, 2011
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  15. They should probably be banned rather than allowed to boycott.
  16. As one of the comments on the ABC web site put it - they probably won't have much of a womens team for starters... They only had 3 at Beijing

    They wouldn't be a great loss if they pulled out anyway. Weightlifting and Wrestling is about all they are competitive in (and taekwondo in the last couple of olympics)
  17. I guess if you force women to cover up its no real surprise if all the men end up hanging out in gyms and fondling each other to the point they get really good at it.....:bolt:.
  18. I remember a show (Fast Forward, something like that) doing a sketch on the Iranian women's 100m freestyle team. It showed a woman diving into a pool wearing the traditional head to foot black clothing...

    In today's politically (bullshit) correct climate I doubt that such a sketch would get past the network censors. It'd probably struggle on The Chaser.
  19. And more importantly, will anyone give a sh1t!!!

  20. looks like a broken up swastika, you'd think Iran would love it for that.
    they hate the jews even more than Jerry.