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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. <80

  2. 80-90

    0 vote(s)
  3. 90-100

    0 vote(s)
  4. 100-110

    0 vote(s)
  5. 110-120

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  6. 120-130

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  7. 130+ (...and i'm full of shit)

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  1. The claim was made that 4WD drivers on average have higher incomes, more education and higher IQs than riders.

    I know they're not completely disjoint sets - there are several esteemed Netriders who drive vehicles with four wheels all driven... but just for fun I thought we'd check out the stereotype.

    My guess is that the average 4WD driving person has at least - and probably also at most - a bachelor's degree. Maybe a few have MBAs.

    Wish I could do 3 different polls in one thread, as is possible on some forums, but I can't see a way to do it here.

    Of course, some people feel this kind of information is private and prefer not to vote on the poll (even anonymously) fair enough.

    And I also do realise that none of these things makes one a better person - there are fantastic, smart, talented, caring people with little education and low incomes, and even with low IQs...

    BTW Tickle Tests (google for it) has a pretty good online IQ test if you don't know

  2. I should be smart enough not to participate in Internet forum polls :(.
  3. Bugger, there was meant to be a '>130' category but I ballsed the poll up and can't fix it now. Oh well - statistically only a couple of percent of people fit up there anyway. ;)
  4. it doesn't go high enough
  5. Mine was measured at 160+ a while ago now, so you'll have to add more categories I think.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. mine is 64
  7. Mine is 64 - bourbon x glass = ?

    I ride a big bike and it goes broom broom
  8. 120 here
    I find it hard to believe we have such a high bias towards the higher end of the scale.
    some people are telling porkies I think.
  9. haha yep
  10. even though it (the poll) is purely anon, people will NOT be honest about their actual IQ. ever.
    its kinda like a fishermans lie, it was thiiiis big!
    the average of the NR community would be 100ish. it's how the whole IQ thing works, IQ does not denote intelligence in reality. not to mention, it is almost always culturally biased.
    having said that, i am a member of mensa ;)
  11. I voted <80
  12. It's true that the mean of the whole population is 100, but to post on Netrider requires being:

    (a) smart enough to ride a bike (and live!)
    (b) smart enough to use the intartubes
    (c) have good taste enough to choose the best bike forum

    Surely that means we're a highly select group?

    (OK, and by that logic not necessarily representative of the riding community as a whole - d'oh!)
  13. and there is the error of your theory.
    it is fact, that anyone with an IQ over 80 is more than capable of finishing a bachelors degree, and therefore one could easily assume that they would have the ability to fly a computer ;)
  14. Then why can't anyone read the terms and conditions then whine incessantly about them when they stupidly break them? :p
  15. Curses, foiled again!
  16. That depends on the degree.
  17. no, that depends on the individuals ability to complete the degree. IQ, pretty much, means jackshit.
    people learn, and absorb, learn and process information in different ways. an auditory learner may perform terribly at a written IQ test, and yet ace it, if it was to be presented them verbally (yes, very simplistic example). and then, there are kinaesthetic learners...
  18. Who'd be totally rooted in a purely conceptual field of study like advanced pure mathematics. An auditory learner is also going to struggle in a degree which requires visual interpretation of information (like geology).
    So yes someone with an IQ of <80 might be capable of passing a degree, but only the right degree.
  19. for sure, no doubt at all.
    but what i am saying, is that an IQ is not a yardstick to which ones ability to achieve should be measured. it would be like saying that anyone with an IQ over 130 would have an open key to any degree they so desire. its just not true.
    irrespective of IQ, any given individual would only really be able to attain "the right degree"
    just my opinion. :)
  20. Watch out folks, PP will get onto this one soon.