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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Matchstick01, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Girl: Daddy, whats the IQ test?
    Man: Its the intelligence quotient. The higher your number the smarter you are.
    Girl: So what if you had an IQ of 200?
    Man: Well you could do anything you wanted.
    Girl: What about if you had an IQ of 150?
    Man: Still you could do almost anything, doctor, lawyer etc.
    Girl: What about if you had an IQ of 100?
    Man: Yeh you could still do most everage jobs, like office jobs and that.
    Girl: and 50?
    Man: Pretty much your left with two options, garbage man or NSW highway patrol.
    Girl: Oh, and what if you had an IQ of like, 5?
    Man: Well, you'd be so dumb you wouldn't be able to tie your own shoe laces up.
    Girl: Is that why aussie's wear thongs?

  2. The patriot inside me tells you to piss off, ya limey :p

    Funny tho.
  3. haha I like the NSW patrolman part. :p Cause I don't wear thongs
  4. I was gonna change it to is that why quiders wear thongs, but i thaught it might cause a bit of a :blackeye:
  5. i wear blundstones. mainly for comfort beleive it or not.

    i've been wearin em for 9 years or something now, no laces is such a bonus.
  6. yeah i do that too donkey. but years ago i found a product thats MUCH better,


    try em on at the shop, they are better made, better looking, better everything!