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Announcement IPv6

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jul 12, 2015.

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  1. I have absolutely no idea what this actually means!!!!!
  2. Does this mean you are an even grander Poo-Bah?????
  3. It's like when they run out of telephone numbers or numberplate sequences, and have to expand it (telephone numbers change from 7 digits to 8 digits, numberplates from ABC-123 to 1BC-4FT).
    The internet has run out of addresses, and is expanding from IPv4 (netrider = to IPv6 (netrider = 2607:f2d8:1:3::6)
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  4. When is the net actually moving to ip v6?? And what happened to v5!!
  5. It's already active with most core networking and large hosting providers having it.
    Residential grade (eg. ISP's) and lower level networking (home mode/routers etc.) have been slow to adopt or replace.
    Now the internet address authorities have officially run-out (or very close to it in some regions), adoption will progressively increase from now and for the next couple of years.
    There was no IPv5.
  6. Yes my shaky understanding is the geeky reason is in the protocol field of the data frame the number 5 was used to indicate something else already.
  7. A streaming protocol that never materialised.
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  8. note though Unless you specifically use the ipv6 address, or configure your connection etc it is fairly irrelevant, atm.
  9. True, although with the growth of the mobile data network I suspect IPv6 will be deployed for mobile use sooner rather than later. Already some mobile providers in the USA are IPv6.

    And of course there is the much hyped approaching "Internet of Things"
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  10. aah in which i be(pirate ...aaargh) retraining as we speak, tbh wearables are going to lack behind nano and pico tech impo.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd have a pip-boy or Mass-effect Omin-tool any day, but i'd much rather have an implant, the size of a grain of rice and not a tim-tam....

    Integrated Technology will be the next stop. i.e. pull into garage, and the house "Turns on" and having a personal digital assistant like SARAH(Eureka) always on will make much more sense. in the short term.
  11. :) Yep a whole new world for security worries. There are a few neighbours I would like to hack the house of and have their music system open up with a Heavy Metal medly at 4:00 am. Then the next night, mid winter switch the air con to 10 degrees. ;)
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  12. As a non-geek who has no idea what you are talking about, does this have any practical implications for me? Do I need to do anything?
  13. No. Just know that Netrider is ready when you are :)
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  14. You evil bastid ... I like you. :troll:

    From memory IPv6 opens up a whole bunch of new security features within the protocol as well as the enormous increase in available address space needed for the 'internet of things' (seriously though, my fridge can ask me for more milk like an adult not email me like a frikken teenager), but it's been a while since I looked into that stuff.
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  15. I work in IT security (or insecurity) and every change advertised adds another chill - Cloud, API, Biometrics. All are used badly somewhere and all are part of the growing mass of data collectors that expose lives too easily. I admit to being one of the more paranoid amongst us, and still do not Internet bank due to the insecurities. Yes, the banks supposedly offer protection against credit card fraud, but few understand the issues with the loss of the associated data that is also there with credit and banking systems. The Internet of Things (IoT). Is even more insecure than the general Internet as few, if any, devices are designed with security in mind. A good example is the Webcam craze with millions poorly configured and visible on the Internet just by doing a simple Google search.

    There is little drive by organisations or governments to do-the-right-thing when so many people are so willing to give out their information so willingly. GenY gave up Privacy so freely for convenience and technology that it will be difficult to recover.

    IPv6 has its pros and cons, like most technology, and the company I work for has large IPv6 implementations at the borders of the company. IPv4 will be internal for some time to come.
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  16. At the protocol level, I disagree. What do you consider are cons for IPv6?
  17. Wow, who would have thought my local motorcycle forum would be discussing such boring things as IoT.
    I unashamedly admit I find this whole area completely fascinating as I research Big Data (a consequence of IoT) as part of my profession.

    Hard to imagine previously inert object such as farming machinery, cars, plants, you name it all talking to each other. Current pundits predict the average Joe Schmo will have 8 IP connected devices (think iPad, PC, iWatch, iPod, Google glasses, your car or bike) per person collecting absolutely everything about your life by 2018.
    Who you speak with. What you talk about. When/what you eat. You're last bowel movement. Your current state of health. Your exact speed through that country back road when you thought no one was looking. Even your sex life......nothing is off limits.

    Here's a few fun (or boring) facts..
    • 20bil connected devices by 2020.
    • 92% of worldwide documented information(that's everything from books, scriptures paintings, drawings to your had drive) was created in the last 24 months and that rate is shortening every day.
    • IBM built a computer called Watson that beat the champion of Jeopardy using AI (Artificial Intelligence) that adapts to change

    • A large software vendor just purchased a product that specialises in Machine to Machine Communication (independent flying Drones that talk to each each). The company changed its name before the sale as it was creeping people out. The name..SkyNet...(as in Terminator).
    • Facebook knows pretty much most of this information about you already which is why you always seem to be coincidently blasted with ad's for bike XXX across you're screen when you may be in the market for your next bike.

    Anyway, as the Trekky fans might say "resistance is futile". Better to hold on tight and embrace the change as the "digital disruption" is coming whether we like it or not.

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  18. NFI, I wonder what they'd be advertising to me if they mined the audio data from my IP enabled helmet ... you know, if I actually had one. Might be getting some offers of "personal services" after my comments towards the guy that just cut me off in traffic/wouldn't dip their lights/swerved across my lane while on the phone etc. or I might just get put on various "watch lists".
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