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Ipswich to Brisbane Commute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dammit, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I have noticed on the morning commute on the Western Motorway from Ipswich to Brisbane City, a significant decrease in motorcycle numbers lately...especially those lane splitting.

    (have been stuck in the cage the past week so just been observing whilst in 2km/hr traffic jam!)

    was wondering if everyone is exiting off at Moggill road and going to the city that way, or taking the back roads around indooroopilly?

    I know the police recently did a crackdown on lane splitters a few months ago...unless that has got some out of the habit? There's also the Legacy Way tunnel construction going on at the Toowong roundabout which has significantly narrowed the road which would make it harder to lane split.
  2. The police did a crackdown did they? I didn't hear about that one.
    It might be because of the road narrowing, though yesterday I did see a rider heading up the left hand side all the way to Toowong.
  3. I still make the commute but gave up splitting after 2 fines. Traffic has been getting gradually worse with standstills from 7am onwards. I would probably say ive seen more splitters in the last two months than i have in the last two years. Plus this summer heat is killer on a bike even filtering through the heatsink of traffic. A few guys from work have given up commuting on the motorbike and hopped on the pushbike just until summer is over.
  4. I take the Mrs in from Moggill to Spring Hill now and then, and tend to split up the Western. If you can split it's quicker than staying on Moggill Road and going Coro Drive or through the back of Toowong. If they got silly cracking down (but if you read the signs and the bikes in front of you you can often slot back into a lane), I guess I'd have to change approaches.
  5. Cops are doing a sting this morning on the western freeway inbound after waverley road. 5 motorcycle coos and 2 cop cars. Booking at least half a dozen motorcycles when I drove past.

    Ironic thing is traffic was grid lock because of everyone slowing down to watch which then makes the bikes split. Pure entrapment! Because otherwise traffic is light because it's school holidays.

    Anyone here get fined?
  6. Well, I guess that answers my earlier question about police crackdowns.
    Did anyone count the number of kittens that are now safe?
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  7. Nope but rode past and motioned towards counting the number of cops on the side of the road. They didnt seem to pleased. As if the western freeway needed any more encouragement to become a car park on the morning commute.
  8. I don't know how they can justify 10 cops for that. Why don't they do random breath tests to stop drink drivers or school zones or something.

    Pure revenue raising.

    Anyone know in Qld what offense they actually fine u for when splitting and how much?

    I was thinking about starting to exit moggil Rd and splitting or taking back streets Toowong to city. Might be quicker and less chance getting fined?
  9. Don't know about the chance of getting fined for going along Moggil Rd, but I don't think it's quicker. Traffic is still heavy, and lots of pesky traffic lights.
    They have range of offenses that they could use, but they gave me a 'unsafe overtaking' for $140.
  10. Qld Road Rules 1999 and look for the Section 140's..

    Not sure on the $$$. I think from memory depending on what they fine you for dictates the cost and points. Sometimes you can get off with $80 and no points i believe. Someone could probably confirm this.
  11. hop off at fig tree pocket. rat run around nudge up behind the westpoint dealerships. along to Stanley tce.

    Why limit yourself to a traffic jam when you can enjoy some mild corners :p
  12. Depends on what you do. If filtering down the middle its usually a $140 no point fine. If you run the shoulder its an $80 fine (overtaking continuous line) as i found the hard way.
  13. i used to get a couple of bus lane / splitting fines a year on the eastern in melb and punt rd, initially i was pissed at the stupid revenue raising (it is safer to do this unless you are a suicidal tool who would pull out in front of a bus), but then i equated it to saving about 45 minutes a day for 250 days a year.

    ~200 hours / (2 * $80) = $1.25 / hr saved of my life, plus it was safer.

    Jeez, my time is worth way more than that, especially then it meant i was managing to catch kids before they went to bed etc.

    IMO, lanesplit as much as you can, ****ing idiot rule which only encourages a larger carpark of frustrated sheep.
  14. Yeah, the bit of Moggill Rd between where the Centenary off-ramp joins and about Indro is ludicrous traffic-wise (I commute Moggill to St Lucia and can't avoid it).

    I'd be inclined to keep splitting the Centenary/Western and just keep your cop-dar well tuned. If there are bikes in front of you not splitting, for example, it can mean they've spotted something - take notice.
  15. Police are doing another sting this morning on the western freeway. They were busy booking other people when I saw them and slipped back in a lane so luckily don't get booked. Feel sorry for the others. It is pure entrapment because they are the cause of the traffic jam which results in everyone splitting.
  16. Yeah, saw that mentioned in the Courier Mail this morning. Glad I didn't/couldn't give the Mrs a lift in to work this morning, 'cos they'd probably have got me.
  17. So they stopped at 8am because they realised they were making the already bad traffic worse...
    Where were they, anyone?
  18. Yep the traffic was one of the worst ever this morning. Backed up from the tunnel site all the way to Ipswich motorway merge. Crazy. The police camp out on the grass left side of road inbound after the Moggill road onramp. Just after the emergency phone. It's a grassy opening, prob the only part of the freeway after Moggill road that there's enough room to pull up a cop car. Sometimes they have had a spotter on the overpass in the past too.
  19. It says a fair bit about the intellects of those involved that nobody knew or cared that this would happen BEFORE going out there and pointlessly creating a traffic jam