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iPods - what can they do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. My wife is considering an iPod. There's one for sale that has a 30 gig HDD in it. It can play mpeg 4 according to the blurb. It can also play mp3s.

    Now, are there any restrictions on what content can be played on these things? For example, the missus has literally gigs of mp3s that she plays on her current basic mp3 player. Presumably these will work on an iPod?

    And where do you get mpeg4 videos from? ie. the avis that one can download which are divx encoded, can they be played on the iPod?

  2. I don't have one, but from what little I know I "believe" Itunes converts the existing MP3's to a different format so they should work.

    NFI about the videos.
  3. All her mp3s should work, you'll just have to copy them from her other mp3 player to your computer, then on to the iPod using iTunes. As for the videos I'm not sure but I'd imagine that iTunes will automatically convert them to the correct format.

    But if she's already got an mp3 player, why change to an iPod?
  4. I think that it's the video capability and the size of storage that she's looking at. Her current MP3 player works fine. But it's 512megs and she's forever swapping mp3s to save having to listen to the same stuff over and over.

    Presumably iTunes is the software that's installed on the computer to copy the media to the player?
  5. I tunes is needed to convert the music to MP3 format.
    ANY MP3 format is fine on the IPOD.
    It will aslo do WAV. AIFF.

    If you want to do video, you will need a converter program.
    If your running windows.....I dont know what it is
    But if your lucky and run a MAC then ishrink will convert avi files to ipod format or HANDBRAKE will also convert.

    I have watched videos whilst riding. I was on the back of the bike with lil riding and the ipod was stuck on her backpack.
    Was funny at lights, merc 4WD with DVD screens in the headrest and me with my IPOD in a backpack.

    I use my ipod for everything. You can even get a little gadget that plugs into your USB port on your camera and sucks the photos onto the ipod , then you can erase your memory card and keep taking more pix.
    I thought that was great when on tour and it saves buying BIG memory cards that take ages to load up when you just want to take a quick snap.

    Its all possible you just need the right tools.
    and a bit of savvy. :grin:
  6. Thanks. Tools, I think we can get. Savvy, well, that's what I'm hoping I can steal off you guys.

    I'll do a search for some avi converters. I have one here, WinAVI that I actually paid for (shock, horror). But it doesn't do a very good job, unfortunately.
  7. my sony ericson mobile phone with camera, video, key pad, and sound recorder and music player can do more than an ipod.

    consider one! this years model 7hours recording went from $800 to $350 because of a small design floor.

  8. What can ipods do? Well you can buy ipod sex toys....

    I guess the sky is the limit really.

    Friend of mine just rang up yesterday to say he got an 80 GB Video ipod and it was like $100 more than a normal 4 gig one. I'd say get the most massive one you can... Better start cleeaning out my unlistened to iPod music .

    4 gig seems so big when you fill it.... at first.
  9. I've got one of those little clip on 1 gig ipod shuffles. The ONLY program I can use to put stuff onto it is itunes. Not sure with the other ipod models if you can use other programs like you can with other brands of players. Thats the only restriction I can think of.
  10. 20GB Sony Walkman here.

    If you thought Itunes is stupid then you haven't seen the Sony software.

    The player however is awesome. No fancy colour screen just a monochrome screen with scrolling titles.

    It looks a bit archaic but it does the job.
  11. I finally succumbed to the iPod recently. I bought a refurbished 40Gb click-wheel iPod with a dock and 12months warranty from Apple for $180 delivered. I think it's an awesome way to go as I don't want or need the video capability, but I do want the large capacity.
  12. How did you manage that one??
  13. I just poked around the Apple online store. I'll see if I can find you a link. The delivery was amazingly quick, I ordered it one Friday night and it was delivered Monday morning.

    Edit: Can't post a link as it has a session ID in it, but there's a link to all the refurbished stock at the bottom right hand side of the Apple store online.
  14. ITunes is the suck and should be avoided at all costs.

    If you use Winamp on your PC there is a sweet IPod plugin that allows you to transfer/manage your mp3s for your IPod.
  15. If you had a Mac you wouldn't have a sucky version of iTunes ;)
  16. No, you would have a entire sucky computer :).
  17. Quoted for truth. Sonicstage makes me want to hurt people.
  18. Super is the name of the best and free video converter. It converts practically anything.

  19. Could you post a link, please? "Super" is a common word when looking for a product in Google.

  20. Media Monkey works great to organise your music and can sync your mp3s with your iPod

    I use it, my collections is ~ 10,000 songs and it doesnt struggle at all.

    Winamp can do it too but isnt as strong in organising your files as Media Monkey.
    Can sync with the iPod but the alternative ml_ipod plugin is supposed to be better than the one that comes by default.