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iPod to join mobile as crash villain?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. doesn't have to be an ipod or a phone.

    What part of "distraction" is hard to understand?
  2. Of course not!

    Obviously dangerous!

    I use an iRiver.
  3. iPods are extremely dangerous and kill small children.

    Loud doof doof music pumped through subs the size of the wheels on a Mack truck however is perfectly safe and should never be targeted by alarmist media campaigns.
  4. +1! (Though I use a Zune)

    Srsly though... Most of us ride with earplugs in to protect our hearing from wind noise (that's earplugs, not music earbuds). We're already relying on visual spacial awareness for safety, because (particularly at speed) by the time you can hear something it'll be too late.
  5. Nope, tried to for a while but i just cant get used to it.
    If i want to hear music while riding, i click it down two gears and twist the throttle.
  6. .Guess we'd better stop deaf people driving then.

    Then again, being blind appears to be no obstacle to holding a licence :evil: .

    And so MUARC continue the search for the mythical magic bullet, whilst studiously ignoring the elephant in the room with the big "Driver Attitude and Education" label on its arse.
  7. I have speakers in my helmet and plug my little ipod shuffle in :) Cause i'm a boring, straight, 1/2 hour ride from pretty much anywhere (cept the GOR) i get too bored without it! And i can still hear plenty of stuff going on around me cause they are speakers, not ear buds.
  8. :applause: Well said.
  9. yes i use an ipod. at an appropriate level.

    the only danger i constitute to the public is when i am shaking my head up and down to some particularly good angus young solo's :grin:
  10. Heh, the potential danger for me is if the iPod stops, or is on a song I'm not in the mood for, and I try to change tracks or something while riding... so I've learned to not do that, and just grin and bear it or else stop.

    Music is much more aural wallpaper and requires much less concentration than a conversation, IMO.
  11. bravus you need playlists programmed in.

    one of mine is 289 songs in a row i like. lol

    or place it in an appropriate place so you can click on track forward, at no danger to yourself
  12. End of the day, if you're not aware of your surroundings you'll mess up sooner or later.

    So of course, I use my antiquated 4th gen iPod on longer trips.

    As somone else said, earplugs are used by a lot of us. So why not use the in-ear sound-isolating headphones and be done with it? Honestly, how much does anyone hear through a helmet anyway? Myself, certainly not enough to be able to detect cars in my blind spot doing dangerous things.

    Thats what my eyes are for, looking ahead and around to spot possible fools about to maim or kill me.

    Damn alarmist media...

    EDIT: Above posters - you seen those jackets with built in controls??? I think the most recent have been targeted at snowboarders and the like, but still...
  13. what if you were using an iPhone!!??! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    :eek: Your fourth gen ipod still works?! :eek: i thought they were designed to break at about the time that the next model came out... :p
  14. Oh, I do. :)

    Etymotic isolator earphones originally, and now I have my helmets wired with microphones and speakers for the Starcom1 mixer (partly so I don't have to buy replacement foam tips for the isolators so often).

    But my point was - most of us are already 'deaf' to the outside world, and correspondingly use good visual spacial awareness to detect threats rather than assuming we'll hear things sneaking up on us.
  15. and current models. i've had 5 80 gb classics.....4 all with the same fault

    thank god for warranty
  16. Same fault eh? Good work Apple...*cough*

    Yeah mine plays up from time to time but its just the hard drive disconnecting from the mainboard...so its not too hard to crack it open and reconnect it. Or give it a firm tap on the left hand side, haha.
  17. holy crap, thats exactly the same way i used to fix mine! it wasnt just wishful thinking
  18. :worthlesspics:
  19. One of the guys I work with commented on the safety of me riding with my iPod/earphones. I told him that the day they start making mass produced cars without radios for safety reasons is the day I'll stop using my iPod.

    Sadly, I forgot to turn off my iPod yesterday and it had no batteries left. I actually found I felt more fatigued by the time I arrived home (I always wear the earbuds...they are better at keeping noise down that other earpieces IMO). I have the volume set at about 1/3 and can still easily hear car noises, bike noises, alarms, etc, just can't hear normal talking terribly well.