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iPOD Problem :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Before i call Apple and spend weeks trying to speak to someone, i wanted to see if some of you tech heads can help...

    I have a 4gb ipod nano.
    Usually you would hold down the "play" button to put it into snooze mode, but for some reason its not happening and im going through battery like you wouldnt believe :shock: :mad:

    I reset all the settings etc etc and still nothing.
    Ive turned to "sleep" selection on and off and im about to smash it... :shock: :LOL: not really, but im getting mighty frustrated...

    Has anyone had this problem?
    If so, how can i rectify it????

    Many thanks :p
  2. get rid of some frusteration and smash the hell out of it!!!!
  3. hahahaha - im of Serbian background, so smashing things is my strongsuit hahahahaha
  4. always happy to help.

    if you label it Microsoft ill smash it for you
  5. try letting it run dead flat then recharging it again. gf had similar problem with a 2g nano not long after we first got it. seems to work.
  6. I have a worthless solution for you. Piff it and buy a walkman, you know you wanna ;)
  7. does pressing the play button work normally?

    try holding either play and menu for about 5 secs
    or was it play and back (prev) for 5 secs

    gets you into diagnotsics mode should be able to do some tests from there.

    EDIT: try this link here
  8. its play and menu. if you hold them together it does the diagnostic stuff and resets the ipod without losing whats on there
  9. Hey im.on.it and Goosh,

    Thanks for the suggestions, but its not working.
    Now im not too bad with tech issues but this is just p!ssing me off...

    ANy other suggestions?

  10. another suggestion can be is to go to one of the apple shops and ask the workers. when my ipod played up walked in to the apple shop at chady and the guy hit a few buttons and fixed it in a couple of minutes
  11. are you able to get into diagnostics mode?
    if so try and do the "KEY" test... outlined in the link I posted above.

    if still doesn't work stop by a shop. :)
  12. Cool... Thanks again Goosh and im.on.it :)

    For some reason i cant get into the diagnostics so ill have to take it in...
    Ive run th battery down to try and do a reset, but still to no avail...

    Bloody ipods :evil:
  13. Finding an Apple Service Centre that provides good info is hard to find. I used one in Camberwell when my Nano went kaputt last year (1 week out of warranty!).

    Log a call with Apple here, then take it to a service centre for checking. Apple are quite good if you are firm with them, I got a warranty replacement for mine (twice - the replacement was faulty!).

    If you have any engravings they can't supply a unit from stock, you have to wait for it to be engraved.

    After refusing to get one of the things for ages, once I got one I really missed it when it was broke.
  14. :WStupid:

    Sony rules.
  15. [​IMG]

    hahahahahah vic - i cant stop laughing!!!!!!
    I cant believe there's been 8 bids :shock: :LOL:
  16. Hi try this link
  17. Just take it into a service centre. I worked in an Applecentre for 3 years, they don't really care what is wrong with them. As long as it's not user damaged they should replace it without much hassle.

    Make sure you take your proof of purchase with you.
  18. What is this iPod of which you youngens speak?

    My 2 track 8 track player is the bomb, the guy at the store told it me it was the latest thing with the kids, and I would look rather "Spiffy"

    I have been told by many of my Homies it is "The Shit!"

    I assume that is good!
  19. :LOL: :LOL: Now where's my HMV Gramaphone pic?
    I'll find it.