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iPod Nano - NERD Help

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by doonx, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. A girl here at work got a Nano for Chrissy. It was charged up and loaded with music so it was ready to go on Christmas Day. It went fine, and has done, until today.

    Today she brought it to work where iTunes is on her PC (I don't know what version). As soon as it was plugged into the PC, the Nano froze, as if the lock button was activated.

    It's now unplugged from the PC but still frozen, the lock button does nothing, no functions work and it cannot even be turned off.

    Any suggestions (besides throwing it out or anything else equally silly) ?
  2. if that doesnt work, take it back: a mate of mine has had numerous ipods and theyve all been defected-something like 1/3 are defected or faulty in some way, stores know this and they are more than willing to replace it if you whinge
  3. The manual should tell you how to do the reset. It happened my my sister's iPod Nano about 3 weeks after getting it. The reset thingy fixed it up perfectly........actually i just asked her and she said she Toggled the hold button (turn on then off) then held down the middle button and menu button. Her's was frozen in the same way as you described and it fixed it up good and proper!!
  4. hey pt - thanks mate - it worked a treat !
  5. ipods are licenced/paired to one copy of itunes. that means that unfortunately you cannot connect to any computer to update your ipod.
    Bleh, copy protection sux
  6. :shock: Makes you wonder how they can keep getting away with selling such a poor quality product and still have numerous publications rave about how they're the greatest thing ever. Guess it just goes to show how easily good reviews can be "bought".
  7. The only reason we hear so much about faulty iPods compared to other MP3 players is that they make up over 90% of the market share for hard drive based players and over 80% of the total in a market with a HUGE variety of devices out there.

    80% of faulty MP3 players are iPods because 80% of MP3 players are iPods.
  8. My wife has a pink Ipod mini, it needs a reset at least once a month. Apart from this she doent have any other problems.
  9. lol my mate had from memory 4 ipods throughout the course of say 3 months. He then resolved that ipods suck, and bought an iriver mp3 player, which promptly broke aswell. He has now decided that cd's are the way to go lol...

    but yeah there are plenty of people whose ipods have been trouble free
  10. Hmmm. This is a 3 iPod household. So far so good (frantically searches for a piece of 2x4 to touch).
  11. Itunes and the PC needs to be fully booted before plugging the Ipod in. After a couple of faulse starts I have learnt to let the PC do its thing fully and load all background programs and services in XP then plug in the Ipod.

    If you want to use the Ipod with more than 1 pc set Itunes to manual update the Ipod. Works for me.
  12. FWIW, I've had a 4GB iPod mini for quite some time, and it's been trouble free ;)
  13. I just got the Sony HDD NW-HD5 walkman.

    I've never actually played with an ipod so I cant compare it. It seems to be orrite, just transfering a heap of music to it now, give it a run and see how it performs.

    SonicStage seems to be orrite, chuck a cd in, gets the data from a CDDB, tell it to add to library, it does, transfer to the player takes the whole of 15 seconds per album.

    Hopefully it behaves.
  14. all the sonic stages i have used sucked so much arse it isnt funny. i've had a mini disc walkman and an MP3 cd player and both editions were really user unfriendly. not saying anything else is better but sonic stage was particularly bad. just my 2 cents maybe theyve seriously overhauled this edition :shock: :)
  15. I've been reading reviews and they say that the latest version is actually chalk and cheese compared to the previous versions.
  16. that is so wrong it's not funny
  17. Yeah i have had exactly the same experience when i used it. I pretty good with computers and software so when my GF's Brother got a Sony MD walkman i thought it would be a piss of piss to show him (Not good with computers) how to transfer music to it and rip CD's.

    Well little did i know that the programme they supplies (sonic stage) Sucked BALLS. It was the WORST programme i have ever used in terms of ease of use and 'friendliness'. It was as disgustingly bad as catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron or Jessica Alba are Disgustingly Hot.
  18. Also, as someone has said, you cannot copy from the ipod to a computer using itunes, only from a computer to the ipod. If you plug the ipod into a computer with itunes which does not have a libray and hit update, it will wipe your ipod.

    There is plenty of software around though which you can use to copy the songs to your computer, and then add them to the itunes library. After this they will be in sync and it will all work as normal from then on.

    Further info: http://forums.ipodlounge.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4719
    Also make sure the computer has the latest version of itunes and the ipod has the latest software on it.
  19. sounds like ur friend is the one with the problem ;)