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Ipod Nano 3rd Generation

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 6, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    I have an 8GB Ipod nano 3rd Gen.

    Great as it is nice and light, small enough to toss in the bike jacket and you don't know it's there.


    On a decent ride, once it finished playing a CD it stops rather than going onto the next CD.

    I've looked through the settings but can't find anything that stands out on how to force it to.

    My 20GB Sony has the option to play one CD and stop or Play from go to woe.

    I've had the thing play continuously for 3 days when I had forgotten to turn it off.

    I just can't work this Ipod out.

  2. Ipod's work on Playlists. You create a playlist of songs you want to listen to (be they entire albums, podcasts etc..) and then select the playlist on the iPod. You can then select that to shuffle or repeat.

    There are default playlists created, you can create your own (on your PC) or use the 'On the Go' feature and add them directly on the iPod.

    Once you've got the hang of the iPod, you come to love it. I've got the 3rd gen Nano and it's the coolest thing. :)
  3. I don't have my iPod with me here, so I'm running off memory. AFAIK, if you set the "Shuffle" option to Albums, then select a song in the overall "songs" section, it'll play that entire album, then change to another one.

    If you go Music > Albums > Select one from there, it will stick with that Album only.

    EDIT: Of course, given that it's a Nano there may be none of those options at all...
  4. I've got mine with me....

    From the main menu:

    Settings --> Shuffle --> Play Music Library in Sequence

    You use the centre button to select these options.

    Learn something new everyday :)

    I tried this and it doesn't really work (not as I would expect it too anyway). :p

    The way to do what you are want to do is to one of the following:

    Select 'Albums'
    Select 'All Songs'.

    It plays ALL the songs, sorted by album, sequentially (unless you have selected a shuffle option).
  5. That's just known as "Shuffle: Off" on mine :LOL:
  6. Edit: What they said ^^^^
  7. Yep, mine too, though you'd expect 'Shuffle -- Play Music Library in Sequence' to do just that and not just the currently selected album.


    Stealth, if you select Music --> Songs, it plays all songs in order, but not in Album grouping. Hence why I select Music --> Albums --> All Songs.

    Playlists are the way to go.