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ipod backup

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by raman_ra, May 18, 2009.

  1. i recently got myself a new ipod touch, and i was wondering, is there a program i can use to get the songs off the ipod and into a folder?

    i ask because the first weekend i got it, i managed to move 800 odd songs onto before accidentally deleting them :oops:
    so i had to spend half a day getting the music (which was on 3 different computers) back on, and re-formatting artist names and song titles etc.

    i really want to avoid doing it again.

    would be very happy if someone could recommend a program/ their experience.

  2. why didnt you centralise them when you had to go searching for them the second time?
  3. Part of Apple's Digital Rights Management agreement, such that every iPod sale is not tantamount to flagrant piracy, is that when you use iTunes to put songs on your iPod - you can not treat them like files on a portable hard-drive, and recopy them to other locations.

    Of course, this is a disgusting limitation on files which you may very well be using for completely personal reasons in a perfectly legal way, and is why the rest of us buy Creative products.

    I had heard the older iPods required 3rd party software to enable the retrieval of your music collection, a brief google turns up a few guides:


  4. Whats wrong with iTunes?

  5. That's because he has lost them off his PC. He has them on his ipod, not the pc.

    Google the answer, either at any of the mac sites, or Whingepool.
  6. Yeah, iTunes is a one-way proposition. There are a number of very nice utilities for 15-40 bucks that will give you a heap of control of files going onto and off an iPod.
  7. I only know the Mac-based ones, but may I say to you:

    Google - it's not just for p0rn any more
  8. I have exactly the software for you, I transferred music onto the iPod, then CRAPtunes decided not to know the stupid-stick any more and i had to wipe and start again, and I also wanted a software so I didn't have to rely on iCRAPs to use my music... But... its at work, so I'll look it up tomorrow :-w

    I'm not an Apple hater... really... ;) :LOL:
  9. iCrap on Windoze/M$/Winblows/ (insert any lame nerd name for Apple/Microsoft) does blow. But iTunes on Mac rocks. :)
  10. Sharepod. It's freeware and bloody great. I've been using it for years. Will let you backup your iPod to and from your PC.

  11. Vic listens to Eminem...this is interesting :LOL:
    I paid for a version of ipodrip...I think it was $10, have used it countless times and it's a great product if you don't mind spending some money.
  12. try Mediamonkey


    It's free, it's a complete media library/organising program if you want it to be (but only if you want it to, unlike itunes, which just goes and moves things without asking), and it lets you copy stuff off any ipod. It also names the files copied off properly, unlike some other things i've used.
  13. Of course it would... craptapple made it that way to encourage you to buy one... ;)

    (Actually I dont see what the diff is, not that i've used it on a mac, but the screenshots look the same)
  14. Actually they are identical.
    But when you use iTunes on a Mac, your own sense of smug, self-satisfaction that your system hasn't ever crashed on you, some how mediates any feelings of frustration you may otherwise have at your time being wasted by any process other than a simple drag & drop for file transfers.

    PC users are inherently more aggressive... coz all the good games are FPSs.
  15. Ive only started using ipods and itunes and it $hits me to no end now restrictive it is.
  16. :LOL: Yes, but making an operating system that's so restrictive that you can only load it onto the one architecture would be easy to keep relatively stable ;)
    (BTW I've been on Vista for quite some time now and only ever had one "crash" where i just popped my DVD back in and said "repair it for me" and it did...)

    +1 :( thats why i had to find another program quick...

    FWIW i use TouchCopy for ipod to pc at work.
  17. I never understood the hate for iTunes/iPods I stick the music in iTunes it sticks it on my iPod... where's the problem it knows what I tend to listen to and what I don't Genius makes suggestions on other stuff (Which I then obtain via other means), it knows when I've listened to a pod cast and get rid or not depending on my preference all good.

    Or you can set your iPod as just a mass storage device and tell iTunes not to manage your library or use something else.

    Most of the Apple/iPod hate just seems either misplaced about something that just isn't so...
  18. The angst is the exact situation of the OP though: where there are tunes on the iPod that are for whatever reason no longer on the computer. iTunes will not move them that way. Doesn't matter if you own the CD, or bought the song and all the rights from the Apple Store. You own the music, but you're not allowed to move it around from machine to machine in a fair way. *That's* the root of the frustration.
  19. That's not obvious from the post but this works...

  20. I think the key words there were:
    :LOL: Completely unlike a human named mass storage device structure... my iRiver works fine like that and even has iRiver software to sync too if i want it...