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iPod 3rd Gen Menu Structure

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Howdy,

    Looking at someones 3rd gen iPod for them and replaced the mainboard already, so now it charges and boots up.

    But nothing comes up on the screen, failing someone lending me their 3rd gen to test parts on this one ;) (as there is more electronics than the main board in this gen :roll: )
    It may be as simple as the screen brightness, so if someone can list the menu structure so i can fly in blind and raise the brightness before i go buying another screen.

    Any other suggestions? (BTW, it plays music and the PC recognises the iPod is working)

    David :)

    PS, tried google'ing this stuff, but hard to wade through all the crap :roll:
  2. i) 2 clicks right for Settings
    ii) 5 clicks right for Backlight Timer
    ii) Off, 2 secs, 5 secs, 10, 15, 20, Always on ... in that order.

    From i) above ....
    ii) 15 clicks right for Reset All Settings
    iii) 1 click right for reset
  3. If the info from Mouth doesn't fix it, you may need to perform a hard reset. Consult the Apple website for details how to do that.

    Geez, don't you realise you're supposed to buy a new one when they break ;) Jobs has boats and cars to keep running you know!