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iPhones and Music on the Go?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I'm reading this thread on Whirlpool:


    It's about using earphones with an iPod.

    Now, one guy refers to a pair of isolation earphones. I'm wondering how good are these things. So, the question goes begging - anyone here used them on the bike and if so how where they as far as blocking wind noises?

    Also, as an aside, can you listen to an iPhone's music and take a call when it comes in? If so, does the music pause then resume automatically from where it left off when the call is terminated?
  2. I've posted about it before. ;)
    No idea on the isolation earphones. I use earmolds connected to the iPhone. Paired to my GPS which in turn is paired to my Interphone.

    Call comes in, see the caller ID on the GPS, answer or reject a call, when a call comes in the music stops, talk or reject the call, when the call goes away the music resumes from where it left off.

    Without a headset, you will not be able to talk to your caller unless you drill out your ears and use the headset that came with your iPhone. Don't know how good it is, it's still in the packet ;)
  3. I like creative EP630 earphones, cut out alot of wind noise and high frequencies, whilst offering high quality music with good bass, and can still hear enough of whats going on around you. ~$30
  4. earmolds ftw. you don't need to crank the music and become deaf. hook that up with an iriver e100 and it makes for good audio entertainment on the bike... next best thing to a cf yoshi.
  5. Can you start and stop the music using the GPS interface and skip songs etc? Is the music coming from the player on the iPhone or is it built into the GPS?

  6. I wish :(

    The only way for me to do that would be to pipe the music into my head by plugging into the output jack on the GPS cradle.
    It has an inbuilt MP3 player that I can use but choose not to.

    Just take a little time and get creative with your playlists then hit the shuffle button ;)
  7. Sorry about the thread resurrection:
    I had been thinking of getting custom earplugs made but then I remembered I have a pair of shure E3 "in ear" earphones so I tried them on a ride for the first time last weekend. They definitely cut down wind noise, although I could still hear some. They took the painful harsh edge off. Had some music playing at a low volume too.

    The sound quality is OK and definitely helped with my insanely loud helmet. Mind you the feeling of having these things literally plugged in to your ears takes some getting used to, I am always gentle in removing them because it feels like if I yanked them out too quick they would suck my brains out through my ears.
  8. +1 for In-Ear earphones.

    I own the Sennheisser IE8 (Yes, the dear one) and they are absolutely fantastic to use.
    They block out most of the noise, whilst hearing the environment clearly. I just dont blast them. I dont need a headset though..

    I tried the stock iBuds, but they fall off when I put the helmet on. Plus they're a POS...
  9. Yep, default iPod/iPhone phones are total junk. While riding you would have to have the volume at max to hear any music thus damaging your ears. And your Sennheisers don't need to be turned up because of the quality and the isolation effect.

    I wonder what the legality of these things are though. A workmate says it's illegal to drive with earphones/headphones but I don't know if that includes riders. We could argue that the reduction in wind noise prevents fatigue and keeps us clear headed.
  10. what can work are these
    to replace the pads on your earbuds. (need to get the right size for your buds)
    I use them on my bluetooth headset for the GPS.
    not as good as earplugs but they noticeably cut the noise
  11. helmet speakers are ok. not as good sound quality but you dont have the problem of plugs falling out