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iPhones and iTunes on multiple PCs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I currently use a Windows Mobile PDA to sync my data with Outlook on two computers.

    Eventually I wish to get an iPhone which will replace the PDA and my current phone (which can also sync with Outlook).

    I need iTunes installed on a computer in order to perform data sync and other tasks. But can I install iTunes on my laptop as well so I can sync both instances of Outlook via the iPhone?
  2. Sorry, cant help with your question but after playing with a mates one I've been thinking about getting an iPhone for quite some time.

    Only worry has been about it getting damaged bouncing around in my gearsack :)
  3. Im not 100% sure with outlook contacts but I know that when I take my iPhone from one computer to the next and sync (ie: I have music at work that i want to add to my iPhone collection) then it wipes all my previous music on the phone and only puts what was on my work pc. Its FARKING annoying. I find it hard to believe that Apple would be so stupid as to have the same thing happen to your contacts......although, it is apple.

    Time to jailbreak the bastard. Screw apple and their limitations.

    Edit: have a read here

  4. I have a mobileme account and that gives me access to all my contacts, calendars, bookmarks etc etc from any web browser.

    I was at work the other day and wanted to add all the work staff to a group. Can't do it on the phone (I don't think) so I fired up mobileme and added them via the web.

    The minute I was finished all of the new contacts were available on my phone :grin:

    Yes there are some silly limitations but it's still the best phone I've ever owned.

    Apple prevent you from syncing to multiple confusers to prevent* piracy.

    *Yeah, good luck with that ;)
  5. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. It matters that it was enough to convince the record companies to allow the iTunes store to open...
  6. I'm pretty sure if you jailbreak your iPhone you can then take music from one place to another.
  7. If you read any of the forums, then jailbreaking your phone makes you popular, saves the world and extends your penis. Seems like jailbreaking the iPhone is an essential part of having one the way some people tell it.
  8. Dont quite know what you mean by that tarmac but jailbreaking is def worth it. Allows the phone to do so much more that what apple allows it to. So many different programs and games to choose from.

    The big thing for me is being able to use my phone as a flash drive. I got 32g of storage just sitting there but apple wont allow yo to use it. Jailbreak and voila. 32g flash drive.
  9. I just mean that the people that are advocates of jailbreaking seem to be really into the idea. I guess if it's that good I can understand why, it's just funny how mad for it they are. My iPhone should arrive any time now, so I'll probably join their ranks!
  10. Yeah i know what you mean. The Apple Wanker Brigade.

    Nah i only did it to mine for the flash drive purpose as i said. Also, my sister got me a ridiculous amount of games and apps for it which you would normally have to pay for but now that its jailbroken, you can just load em up and away you go. Some apps are well over $100 and then some. Things like Tom Tom navigator and the like.

    Catch is, although you can get a hell of alot more apps/games etc, apple arent in control of quality or anyting so they are more prone to screwing up on you. The iPhone works well because apple maintain the amount of control they do. Take that control away and there is a chance that the iPhone will run like a windows mobile device. ie: total and utter garbage. Thankfully, all the apps ive put on mine work fine.
  11. Hey folks!

    Jailbreaking issues aside, anyone able to assist me in my quest for knowledge? Please.
  12. The iPhone will wipe all data in favour of the new iTunes library if you are synced with one computer and then sync it to a second computer... Only one computer at a time basically.

    The only way to get around it is to have a MobileMe account that syncs address book/calendar data with one computer (then only sync to that computer wirelessly via MobileMe - ie; never physically connect the phone to that computer) and then have a physical synchronisation with the other computer.

    If you are going to do that though, it's best to just use MobileMe to keep all three devices in synchronisation with each other.

    By the way, jailbreaking voids the warranty, and in some cases, can permanently damage the device.
  13. Doesnt void warranty at all. Jailbroken phone screws up, reset back to original and send back to repairer.

    Some people have "bricked" their phones by not JBing them properly. You would have to be a fair nufty to do that tho. Its not hard.
  14. I'm interested in why you want such an expensive 32GB flash drive. I suppose if you need 32GB of contiguous storage it's pretty cost effective, but as a flash drive, they're not the cheapest device out there.
  15. bambam - You're talking to an Apple employee - probably worth bearing in mind.

  16. Eh doesnt bother me. If i need warranty, Ill reset it. If they wont cover it, ill ditch it and claim insurance!! lol


    I didnt get the phone to use as a flash drive. But, seeing as i have the phone, with 32g of storage sitting there, then why not use it? I do DJing so quite often need to transfer alot of music between work and home. iPhone is perfect for that.
  17. Hmm, I didn't know Tom Tom was available for iPhone but seems it is so now seriously looking at getting one if I can find a strong enough case to protect it while bouncing around in my gearsack :)
  18. MobileMe isn't your only answer - it depends on your circumstances. Is your email that is on your two computers the same email account or are you talking about wanting to sync a work email account and a home email account? If both computers are using the same account, and the email server is ActiveSync enabled - ie Exchange and Kerio amongst many others - then you sync your iPhone over the air with the email account itself on the server and not the Outlook installation on the computer. If they are two different email accounts, then you just create two email account profiles on the iPhone.

    Hard to help without really knowing your particular circumstances.

    As for the rest of the synchronisation issues for music and photos etc, you just set it to manually manage instead of automatically sync.
  19. MobileMe is great for home users though. I ended up with an account by accident after doing the trial and then forgetting about it until I wondered what the amount was on my CC statement. The over the air syncing, iDisk and now the Remote Find and Lock facility will mean I'll probably renew my subscription when it's due next year.
  20. I avoid the syncing problem by having everything online. Customised google and wordpress accounts for all my email, calendars, contacts, blogging, etc. Access from any device, any where at any time.