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iPhone voice command query/ies

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. I've been looking into the voice hands free aspects of the iPhone. Frankly, what a frustrating piece of CRAP! Arrrgggh. At least on my old phone I could record voice tags and I'd have a near 100% hit rate with voice dialing.


    I've found some commands - don't know if it's the full list:

    Two questions

    - is there anyway to force the iPhone to voice to me what it thinks a name sounds like?? (It has a craptacular command of english grammar so my natural voice commands fail dismally because it's looking for very different voice waive forms. I do NOT want to go into the phone's disabled access mode... I went in once and almost didn't come back out!)

    - Is there anyway to train the phone? Can I make use of the phonetic name spelling maybe. (Anyone know what the phone thinks is phonetics anyway?)

    Thanks gurus.


  2. You have the ability to list your contacts with a nickname as well as their regular first/last name. In contacts app, Add field, nickname. Put something more phonetic there for regular contacts and you might be able to get it working better.

    I've found the voice dialling to be pretty good on mine, with one issue in that sometime i'll try "who sings this song" and end up calling some random! haha.

    You can set the voice control language in Settings -> General -> International -> Voice Control. You might find that it's incorrectly set to UK or US english at the moment... or you may find that one of those is more appropriate for the way you speak.

    Also while we're sort of on the iPhone topic.... you were asking abuot teh keyboard dictionary on Monday night - I found a setting to clear it in (iOS4.0.1) Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Keyboard Dictionary

    Edit: I've also just noticed that iOS4 (not sure about previous version) actually has a 'Phonetic First Name/Surname' field for each contact if you need it!! haha.
  3. Do you have it set for Australian English???

    Mine was giving me trouble with voice commands on my headset... Then I found out the headset mike was stuffed.
  4. Yep, stumbled onto that... but Dani and Kenny are the same as far as the iPhone is concerned. :( so it hasn't solved the problem.

    Will have a play thanks.

    Yeh, I just wanted to edit some of the misspelled misspellings that made it into the dictionary... hate to start from scratch!

    Yep stumbled onto that, but I want to know what the iPhone considers phonetics. I mean it already considers Mari and Mehhree not Mah-ri... that's why I'd love to hear what each entry sounds like.
  5. Ok.. that you can do, [strike]but you'd have to be jailbroken[/strike].
    Edit: Apparently no you dont.. http://www.icopybot.com/itunes-backup-manager.htm This is a utility that will let you extract, browse and edit your iPhone backup files (which includes the keyboard dictionary!!). Google can tell you where iTunes stores the backup files, but once you find them do a search for a file containing text "DynamicDictionary" (You may need to follow Method 2) - and then use this tool to modify it (Hopefully it's still compatible with iTunes 9.2).

    If you plug in, do a manual backup (right click the iPhone in the iTunes left menu and select backup), make the changes, then restore, it should be seamless.

    I know you said you DO NOT want to go into the Accessibility mode... but really.. that's the only way it's going to say what it expects to hear for each name's spelling. I just tried it out (VoiceOver) and it's not toooo bad; you just have to make sure you tap once to select what you want to hear/tap, then once it's selected double-tap to 'click' (e.g. double tapping anywhere on the screen will activate whatever element is highlighted) and use 3 fingers to scroll.

    If you turn it on, go through the contacts, then turn it straght off you hopefully wont get too stressed! :p
  6. Thanks mate for your post! I'll look into it.

    I got mega stressed in accessibility mode because I could not get the friggin three finger scrolling thing happening and so I couldn't navigate back to the general settings bit to turn the fugger off! It took many attempts. Once bitten TWICE shy now.

    I'm not surprised they added phonetic functionality - the voice computer has some very silly rules for pronunciation.

    Give me back a recorded voice tag using my voice!!
  7. hmm, my iPhone doesn't have voice control :-s
  8. All iPhones do as far as I am aware.
    Just hold the menu key down until the voice command pops up.
  9. Just tried that. Does nothing.
  10. I think they only included it from 3Gs onwards. Original iPhone and iPhone 3G get no love. :(
  11. Sounds right then Russ as mine is a 3gs model.
  12. ah ok, yeah mine is a 3G.

    Anybody here got an iPhone 4 yet? Am tempted to upgrade :)
  13. mrs got hers today, i get mine on the next batch arriving by ship (3 weeks)
  14. I've been playing with the voice command feature quite a bit and making use of the knickname field. The interesting thing is that the phone can locate an entry based on the knick name, but it repeats the full name that's been entered.

    It's not a very smart voice computer. Voice tags would have been much much smarter, especially with 32 gig to play with.