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Iphone Users

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by OzzyDevil, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Just a quick heads up the new ISO 6 will be available from 12am tonight so anyone wanna grab it go for it... :)

    Some info here and whats going to be on the new update


    Release date in Australia

    Good luck with your updates make sure you saving all your stuff before you update :)
  2. Currently running the pre-release beta and I must say its pretty good :)
  3. fucken midnight, false advertising
  4. Does it completly destroy an iPhone 4 like iOS4 did to the iPhone 3 and 3G???

    Coz apple likes to make software that makes old hardware into new paperweights.
  5. I am sure it will lucky for Apple restore and itunes back up. I broke to iPhone4's and fixed them.
  6. i got a 4s, meaning with the new software it will be exactly like the 5 just smaller and a little slower and no 4g, might try me a samsung, need a fix of something NEW
  7. Yeah I'm so incredibly bored of apple, and the new 4G galaxy S3 looks every tempting
  8. Last time I updated my iPhone 4s it had to be sent back to apple for two weeks and ended up with a new one
    I'm just happy it works now
  9. i dont know if theres ANY point updating from my iPhone 4. but i do know when it dies i wont be replacing it with apple stuff... just hope the ipads and my gf's phone all die at a similar time...
  10. I know it's not for everyone but I'm happy with it till I get bored with it :) so far I like it
  11. so will it be for the 3gs as well?
    As I see it there is no benefit for the 3gs
  12. I need to upgrade my existing iPhone as well and can't decide between iPhone 5 and the Sony Experia S. The Nokia Lumia 920 is also getting good reviews but .....

    I think I might stick with the iPhone 5 as the next upgrade.
  13. Sorry smear there is nothing for that phone :(
  14. I spazed up and ran the update at work over WiFi. Turns out iCloud hasn't been backing up since March. Despite having it plugged in, locked and on WiFi everynight. Yes I know, user error as much as the hardware's fault.

    Lost everything for the last 28 weeks. lol. I <3 you so much Apple. Made my upgrade decision much easier.
  15. Upgraded mine on the phone this morning, took a while but all well.

    Not sure yet but battery life seems better.
  16. Hope google bring out the mapping app soon, the new apple version is crap.

    Looking at my place, the view is more than 3 years old, and is quite blurry.

    Google version stayed clear on zooming in....
  17. Mines definitely newer, by about 2 years.

    Not as clear though.
  18. I don't like them much but hey there they so what can you do :)