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iPhone to replace car Keys??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Whats next: iPhone replaces husband, wives, kids, friends & partners? :D

    Article HERE

  2. not for me! no way. talk about lack of security for everything in the future...
  3. And the issue with remote central locking was?

    all they have done is moved the key to the phone. which is a pointless shift, we all have to carry keys anyway, why do you need it integrated with your phone, you were going to carry keys for your house/work anyway...

    this is one of those products that presents very little actual benefit besides. WOWOMGCOOL.
  4. Eventually, your smart phone (aka Star Trek communicator) will open your house as well. It will also act as a credit card, a drivers licence, a passport and more!
  5. ..and one device to rule them ALL! :D
  6. and if the battery goes flat you'll be walking home and sleeping in the front yard :LOL:
  7. Yeah... fnck that. All my eggs in one buggy little computer with security issues and shitty battery life? Great bloody idea! Of course we will all have to pay for the pleasure of all this.
  8. exactly.

    also, battery issues, losing your phone etc. i mean, if you lose your keys, you still have your phone to call for help. if you lose your phone, you still have your keys to ride/drive and open house.

    no point in having it in one apart from being less efficient!
  9. if you lot even READ the article the app will be available for all smart phones. If you believe it will be the ONLY way to operate the car then you are seriously deluded, the keys will still be used ffs. The app on the phone is an addition to your keys NOT a replacement.
    Having said that I would not use one.
  10. i lose my phone more than my keys. i will be stuffed