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iPhone or iPhone Killer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. A recent award I won means I have a little money to spend on a tech toy. I've resisted owning or using any mobile phone at all for all these years, but am about to finally succumb, basically to keep in contact with the family and to carry my appointments everywhere.

    I want to buy a handset outright rather than lock into a contract (that works better with the way I have to spend the money too). I'm looking at the iPhone 3 GS, but am slightly dissuaded by how locked-down it is and the fact that it only runs one app at a time. As an alternative, an Android phone is quite attractive, and I read good things about the HTC Hero.

    I'll use it as a phone and an iPod, I guess, as well as an appointment book. There's probably fun stuff to be done with the GPS (don't own one of them either) and accelerometer. Won't do a lot of email on it ('cos the wife will have my nads if it takes my email addiction mobile...) but that and wifi are useful...

    So, any experiences or suggestions? I use a Mac at work and have iTunes on all the machines I use anyway, so that's OK, but I kinda also like the open/hackable nature of Android apps.

    Other possible phones in the same space welcome, of course...
  2. Get the iPhone 3GS. 'Locked down?' Nothing a jailbreak or unlock can't fix which is as easy as installing an application...

    It's the best. It syncs nicely with mail, calendars, address books...

  3. +1 Get the iPhone. Jailbreaking is easy and you can then do whatever you want. If you already use a Mac and iTunes then just do it, you won't regret it.
  4. If you can find one, get your hands on a copy of the Australian Personal Computer Spring Buyer's Guide. It has a good review of the current phone range.

    The iPhone 3GS ($1,040) does well, as does the HTC Touch Diamond2 ($799), but all of them have shortcomings, and so you need to pick which devil you can live with. The Nokia N97, N85, E75 and E65 are worth a look, as is the Sony Ericson Cyber-shot G510 if you are on a budget.

    Personally, although I hate to admit it, I think that the iPhone 3GS still has it all over the others. Shame that, but there you go.
  5. Cool, thx, and will try to chase up the mag as well. The HTCs seem to be cheaper, but come with little onboard memory and I reckon you'd probably spend as much on MicroSD or whatever to bring them up to scratch, so I'm not sure there's a huge price difference.

    Well, opinion is running in the iPhone direction fairly strongly so far...
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  7. Depending on what functionality you need, maybe check out the Nokia 5800...

    It's mainly focused around music, but it does everything the iPhone does, albeit not as well/smoothly.

    The touchscreen is not as good as the iPhone either, but it can be a lot cheaper...

    Food for thought.
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  9. I have the Nokia N97. It does basically all that the iPhone does and a few things more. It does have some bugs and is occasionally slow, but I'm happy with it.

  10. I was fully ready to spend up on an iPhone before I saw those bloody internet...
  11. Lots of bugs on the N97's. Plenty of returns to manufacturer.
  12. my sister has the n97, seems like an over engineered piece of shit. Slow as **** i loose it just using it for 5 minutes. Get the Iphone.
  13. Iphone is the winner.
    HTC Touch Diamond is Windows mobile and I detest WM more than anyone else. It's totally ****en rubbish!!!!

    I've had many many phones over the years and even the first gen iPhone, with the lack of speed is a far better phone than any other phone I have ever owned.
    Everything works and works well.
    Well, everything aside from multitasking. But I can live with that.

    The beauty of it is that with a me.com account you can add contacts to your phone book and before you can pick up your iPhone and unlock it, the entry that you made online is now sitting on your iPhone.
    Not to mention the fact that if you misplace it you can send it a command via mobileme and it will play a tune for 2 minutes to help you locate it, even if the phone is on silent.
    That, remote wipe and iPhone locator make it a pretty funky phone.

    No phone out there is perfect, the iPhone comes pretty close.
  14. Congratulations on your well earned spending money, although considering how pro-Apple you seem to be I'm surprised you're putting this as a question :p

    From what I can tell, its a pretty close match. If one phone is lacking in an area, it makes up for it in another. For instance, the 3Gs is faster to use*. The hardware is better, and it runs its OS nicley. But the OS is not as nice or as customisable as that on the Hero. (which recently had a firmware update, so the lag many people noticed with the original OS is all but gone... Gizmodo has a video showing such)

    If one has something, the other has something else.

    Personally, I'll be getting the hero. More or less as soon as it comes out. Which no-one knows yet anyway. If you still haven't chosen by then, I'll be in a better position to compare the two.
  15. Jailbreak - have they sorted jail breaking on the 3.1 firmware?
    I'm still running 3.0.1.

    Huge iPhone fan.
  16. I'm running 3.1.2
    released 2 days ago
  17. I despised my iPhone that I had for work. Was glad to give it back.

    My little Motorola does me fine. Makes calls. Receives messages.

    Simple things.

    Still... If you want all the toys, the iPhone works better than some of the other brands that friends have.
  18. I have one too. It's a hunk of shit and I wish I'd bought an iPhone instead :( Had it back for repair twice already too. It also has sweet FA in the way of Apps.

    Buy an iPhone
  19. Spend your money on drugs instead. Phone bills suck balls.
  20. I'm not a Mac fanboi but I sometimes play one on the intarwebs ;)