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iPhone not so multimedia friendly

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Code:
    iPhone not so multimedia friendly
    Asher Moses
    July 15, 2008 - 3:47PM
    The Age
    Most of the TV, movie and other multimedia content offered by Optus, Vodafone and Telstra over their 3G networks is not available on the iPhone.
    The iPhone 3G, which debuted around the world on Friday, is being billed as the ultimate multimedia handset and one of the main benefits of upgrading to a 3G service is the ability to access a range of content provided by the carriers.
    However, most of this is not available on the iPhone due to incompatibilities with the device, the carriers said.
    The issue is compounded by the fact that the cost of accessing the web on Australian iPhone plans is far higher than in countries such as the US, where the iPhone comes with unlimited web browsing.
    As a result, Australians accessing online video and music content from their iPhone over the open internet are likely to be hit with high excess usage bills.
    Mark McDonnel, telecom analyst at BBY, said Apple was purposely limiting the device's ability to access the carriers' content in order to force people to buy the content from its own iTunes and Apps stores.
    "Of course, Apple has its own platform and it's a question of whether people want to adapt to fit their content onto the Apple platform, so I don't see the technical barriers as insuperable but they do impose costs and delays," he said.
    Those on the Telstra network can access Yellow Search, Sensis Search and WhereIs Mobile from a BigPond Mobile Icon on the iPhone, but Foxtel Mobile and BigPond TV are not supported.
    "The device does not support flash so video services our customers have come to expect on Next G such as Foxtel Mobile or BigPond TV will not work on the iPhone," Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said.
    "Our entire focus has been on getting the iPhone ready for sale on Friday and like all carriers we'll be looking at more content options going forward."
    On Optus, iPhone users can access Fox Sports and Sky News clips as well as a variety of internet sites such as eBay, Facebook and MySpace, but none of the carrier's ringtones, wallpapers, music downloads or mobile TV channels, which include MTV, Ministry of Sound, Nickelodeon, ABC, CNN and SBS.
    Optus spokeswoman Melissa Clare said some of this content "will be launched soon", while others were not supported by the device or were not yet formatted for the iPhone.
    Vodafone users are the worst hit by the iPhone compatibility issues as none of the Vodafone Live portal - which includes mobile TV, music downloads, ringtones, wallpapers, games and news - can be accessed from the iPhone.
    "The iPhone 3G's [web] browser, Safari, is an HTML browser - Vodafone Live operates on a PML browser, which isn't compatible with the HTML browser," Vodafone spokesman Greg Spears said.
    "We're investigating what the workarounds may be for bringing live content to the iPhone."

  2. It's a DRM world, especially in Apple's world. Funny thing is, though, apple supports MPEG-4 content, so wtf are the telco's pushing? Their own DRM content probably.

    Need a Linux open-source phone with zero DRM! DRM is anti-competition.
  3. it doesn't take movies, either, just stills

    crappy $99 pre-paids do
  4. Who really surfs the net on their phone anyway?

    The data plans are BS expensive. Maybe do it if the company's paying and it's vital for work.

    Everytime I go to buy a new phone it's "Oh this one gets online the fastest and bestest!"
    Don't care. Don't use that because I don't want a phone-bill for $450/month.
  5. I'm with Three. I pay $20 for their X Series Silver plan. Unlimited access to their news, weather, movies, tv guide, comedy etc....' and 500mb of general data allowance. I surf the web ALL the time, browse the news, check what's happening, look up film times, download my ISP email, use MSN Messenger, watch You-Tube.

    You'd be surprised, once you've seen and experienced being connected, it's addictive. Even Liz, who'd expressed no interest in any of this is now pretty hooked. She doesn't use X-Series and pays $5 mth for their news, weather and tv/movie guide, as well as a 10mb download allowance.

    Three have now changed their plans and have data allowances built into their cap plans. These don't work for me as my call patterns would mean I'm worse off, but the other carriers, Vodafone, Virgin AND Optus all have data plans that are not expensive.

    Telstra is ridiculous. They have this awesome network and promote their NextG as a broadband solution, but then make it impossibly expensive for anyone outside of a corporate plan to use.
  6. It can be handy to access BOM from the phone, for those times when you forgot your wet weather gear :oops:
  7. If you've forgotten your wets, its too late anyway :p

    And Apple sux ;) :LOL:
  8. Yep my daughter who doesn't watch the news does this every day before heading off to school.

    I can't understand why the iPhone doesn't have MMS. WTF I use that all the time as a busy parent it is great way to share a moment across the state with grandparents and my wife who may be at a different sporting/dancing venue.

    But hey it is cool. :roll:
  9. Yeah, well, that's Telstra. And it ain't gonna change any time soon. It had the benefit of being the incumbent player in the market and was able to roll out a nationwide network before competition was allowed in. It's pretty well maintained that advantage.

    I'm tipping that there will be a lot of pissed off iPhone owners over the next month or two when their first data bills start rolling in.

    And Telstra (and the other carriers) will be larfing all the way to the bank because they'll have them all locked into two year contracts. The iPhoners will have these you beaut internet phones that they can't afford to use except to make phone calls and the odd internet session.

    I'm with NextG. It's a good network where there is coverage (and it sometimes doesn't have coverage where Optus does, for example). However, I use it sparingly. I may use the BoM weather radar when on a ride somewhere if the weather looks suss. Should I rug up now or should I be right for the ride? That sort of thing.

    Corporate usage is where this thing will shine.
  10. Samsung's Omnia i900 looks like being all that the iPhone isn't, but should be. Of course, for all the ant-Microsoft zealots, it's powered by Mobile Windows 6.0 :).
  11. You talking about Optus having GSM 2G coverage or 3G coverage.

    In this sort of discussion we need to ensure we aren't comparing apples (pun unintended) and Oranges (oh, another pun if you call Hutch Orange).
  12. this isn't DRM. the chipset doesn't have all the functionality to execute -amongst other things- flash, hacking the OS and installing teh linux isn't going to help much.
  13. I was referring to the multi-media content limitations of the device. The hardware is capable, the software isn't:
  14. After watching a few of the reviews for the iPhone I must say I was a tad excited at its release.

    However, after reading of its limitations I think I'll wait and see what Google do with Android.
  15. I've had a Nokia N95 for over a year and it still has better features than any iPhone.
  16. And I have the Nokia 6220 Classic on NextG and am as happy as a pig in you know what. :grin:
  17. I've been looking at these two as an upgrade actually, care to share why either is so good to help me decide? ;)

    FWIW i've currently got an N73.
  18. N95 8GB Everything just works ;)
  19. There are features, then there is outstanding design, usability and quality. I am sure that if the iPhone had a couple more features it would smoke the rest.
  20. :? so then if the N95 had a prettier desgn it would in turn smoke the iPhone?...again

    I know, the iP has great finish, more reliable, more intuitive interface, more integrated.

    But mine's still better. GPS, google maps, Gmail, 5MP camera, video, I watch mp4 eps of tv show torrents, FM radio, decent MP3 playerxxGB memory, great news service, ...oh yeah and if you press the numbers you can even call people!

    Also thru 3 you get the best value and feature packs I have ever had.

    edit : oh yeah and as I have wifi in my house it browses (or VOIP calls) over that rather than the std service.
    my 2c. (I do have a family connection to 3, but I believe everything I said)