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NSW iPhone mounted to bike for GPS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sedgy, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. So I bought a nice little RAM mounting setup with an iPhone 4 cradle with the intentions of using it for GPS only.

    I've done some research and found this relating to the laws of mounted mobile phones.

    I'm on my P1 license, and "It’s important to remember that learner and P1 drivers are not allowed to use any function of a phone while driving." seems to mean that I couldn't even use it for a GPS because it is a mobile phone.

    My question is what is your interpretation/experience of this with the law in relation to mobile phone GPS and it seems like it would be legally OK for me to mount a GPS unit e.g. a tomtom or garmin since they can't be used to make calls.

  2. My interpretation is that you can't use a mobile phone as a GPS while driving/riding if you're on your Ls/P1s. I thought it went for P2s too, but I could be mistaken. As with many things though it will probably come down to the attitude test if you ever get pulled over. For absolute certainty you're better off waiting until you get at least your P2s before you set up the RAM mount.
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  4. I would think that if you had the phone mounted and didn't touch it while riding you would be okay.

    The regulation does seem a little excessive to me, though.

    Incidentally, I have one of those mounts for my iPhone to use as a GPS, but I'm in Qld and on an open license.
  5. I might just take off the mount and store it for the next year. I guess I'll have to make do with regular signage.

    But another question, does the limitation of 'using' a phone include a bluetooth headset with your phone in pocket giving voice directions?

    It makes sense to me that a cop who is going to ticket you for a mounted iPhone (even if you aren't touching it) is going to ticket you for a bluetooth headset if he gets the chance to 'stick it to those dam P1 hooligans'.

    Note; I don't mean all cops I mean the ones who would see your mounted mobile and throw the book at you.
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    Stick the phones in your jacket pocket and put the head phones in .

    Someone may quote the legislation but pretty sure it's along the lines of "your not allowed to Handel a mobile device .

    Couple of years ago a mate of my son was sitting at a red light in his car .picked up the phone to change the music .unmarked cop car sitting behind him.. Points and $$$ . Victoria
  7. I bought a stand alone navigator and the bluetooth headset that came with it does not have a mic, so there's no way to get done for using my phone. The unit also takes MP3s, so i can listen to music when I'm not using the GPS function.
  8. I did the same and mounted the phone on the bars but I found after a hours ride on a hot hot day the iPhone can't stand heat and shuts down, so keep that in mind. Mind you it's winter now.

    I just keep the iPhone in my pocket, charger running off ya battery, Tom Tom app and a scala headset many miles on and still going good.
  9. If you do get done using GPS/phone it's 3pts so you won't lose your P's
  10. Put the phone in Flight Mode and stick it in your pocket. With an app like Sygic you wouldn't need to see it and can use if offline (unless you subscribe to real time traffic).
  11. steve jobs is dead why would buy an iPhone mount?
  12. Cos he is. the Black Skivvy Wiggle
  13. GPS is totally unecessary, who cares if you take the shortest way if you are on a bike.

    Thats cager think.
  14. It's not about the shortest way, just the way :p

    Plus ticking avoid hwys & tollways and the ability to choose multiple routes to get one to your liking is pretty effective. Why limit your travel to roads you know ?
  15. If you dont have a voice telling ou where to go you always find roads you dont know. Why limit yourself to roads on the map? :)
  16. True enough. The only time I need GPS is leading a group of riders who don't appreciate being led on a wild goose chase down muddy lanes. Which has happened a few times :oops:
    Sygic is not too bad if you take the time to set the route right. Don't need to see the screen.
  17. What if you are on the way to pick up a hot date and you've never been there before?

    Fine to get "lost" once you pick her up, though.

  18. I hate it when you are trying to work out which dirt track to go down and some smartarse pulls up from the group and points out that the gps says that we are not on a road.

    Thats the best bit about a bike, they cant yell at you on a bike because you cant hear them.

  19. I don't intend for using it in everyday scenarios, just for special occasions like when going to a particular event that requires timely arrival in somewhere like sydney where I am unfamiliar with the majority of the area.

    Anytime I don't need to be somewhere on time I just wing it and enjoy the sights.