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iphone mount

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sloany, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently bought a Suzuki GS500F and now I'm looking at a mount for my iPhone so I can make use of the TomTom GPS app.

    Has anyone got this type of setup that can also charge the iPhone and recommend a watertight case that'll fit with the mount?

    The mounts I'm looking at are:

    I'm a newbie when it comes to wiring up something that can charge the phone, but I'm guessing something like this will do the job (other then buying parts separately):

    Then I can use the F4 Interphone or a Scala unit to listen to music/GPS instructions via bluetooth.

    Any suggestions? Or missing anything?

  2. I use the Navigon app on the iPhone. I had intended to find a mount for the phone but couldn't find one I was happy with. instead I drop the phone in my pocket and just listen to the directions over the bluetooth headset. Who needs pretty pictures anyway? ;)
  3. I thought about just doing that, but doesn't your phone go flat on long trips with the GPS app running?
  4. I'm sure you can lock the phone and still listen to directions thru the earphones the same way you listen to music while the phone is locked.

    I'm looking at buying the below mount for my motorbike which is also waterproof as well.


    I get a good 10-15 hours of music time on a full charge thru the earphones. I suppose getting gps instructions in the same manner the battery should last a good 10 or more hours.
  5. it depends - when I've run it in the car with the screen running, yeah it chews the battery something shocking. Using it on the bike with the screen locked it still chews it but not as badly.
  6. got ram mount for my gps. works well and I found them good to deal with.
  7. oh one other thing I did discover - touch screen doesn't respond to (my) bike gloves. kinda limited the need to have it in reach.
  8. twistngo care to post a link of the mount you got.

  9. Unlike every other brand in existance.. Ipod's don't use pressure sensitivity or reflected light in their screens to recognise a touch.
    The screen uses an electrical charge which is disrupted by your finger (people conduct electricity :)) and sends the signal to the phone. So only the contact of skin will send it off.

    And on a few GPS threads from this forum people have discussed that the use of a mobile phone for GPS purposes was illegal because of the fact its a phone and may possibly receive a call or text while riding.
    Can't remember the technical details of it, but be careful

  10. I have found while gloved instead of using the tip of your finger to use the iPhone if you hold your finger flat while gloved the iPhone will recognise the touch.
  11. same here, accidental discovery with my leather gloves and i was so excited about it lol
  12. Glad you guys are having success with your iPhones on the bike.

    I had so little success with the touch screen I tried voice control instead when I was taking my bluetooth headset for a test drive around 10:30pm one night...

    Me: Call Ali
    iPhone: Calling Sally - work or mobile?
    Me: Cancel!
    iPhone: Calling Sally - Mobile ... RING RING, RING RING ...
    Me: Sh!t sh!t sh!t sh!t oh hi Sally...
  13. Haha I think being able to use the iPhone while gloved must actually depend on the glove itself. I use a pair of dririders and works fine. Don't know if a* or others would work.
  14. The Ram Mount Aqua box is an other approach, you wouldn’t be able to use the screen while the box is closed because of the capacitive touch screen.
    But this allows you to thread a power adapter into it, and makes it waterproof.
    I am looking to fit the small one to my R6 for the HTC phone (It will be a squeeze).
    Your key will be working out how/where to mount it.
  15. I know you Apple fanboys think the iPhone is sexy but wanting to mount it is just sick.

  16. is there any way to mount an iPhone onto a clip on handle bar? like the ones on a cbr125
  17. I just have a dedicated gps. have a cigarette lighter adaptor thingy to charge it.
  18. Hey ' just looking at a GPS for my iPhone ,what GPS app are you guys using ?? Trying to decide between the Tom Tom or the Sygic

    Or is there something better ??