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Iphone & motorcycle gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by raging, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thought I'd post about this quick tip.

    Most touchscreens (iPhone) don't work with leather gloves. This annoyed me as when I get lost, pull out the iPhone (or have it in an arm band) and having to remove glove to use the gps app.

    My solution was to get some conductive thread. I found some for $5 @ http://australianrobotics.com.au/products/plastic-bobbin-of-conductive-thread-30 but ebay also has some. With the thread, I sewed a small patch, about 5 mm x 5mm in the tip of one of the glove fingers. This gives enough conductivity between the phone and finger for the capacitance screen to work.


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  2. what a clever little Vegemite you are (y)

    Now just watch AlpineStars start producing a commercial glove with this feature :LOL:
  3. Brilliant
  4. maybe pass it to Takamii for updates on his gloves??
  5. Done. I also suggested to him to check out (might help others) conductive glove pins, such as http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/giftsunder10/e76e/ but reviews of those suggested they break.
  6. problem is that you'll have people on 2 wheels using their iPhone's now lol

    cant you just picture, all pink lieathers, helmet, bike, and sitting up at highway speeds 'txting' away lol
  7. Nice work OP (y)

    Already done. Not sure about A*, but Icon make this:


    & I recall seeing a vintage style glove with much the same thing a while back.
  8. raging's solution is cheaper :LOL:
  9. keeping my general distaste for iPhones aside, both my joe rocket and takamii gloves work with my touchscreen nokia
    whatever the problem is, it's not a blanket touchscreen issue
  10. Nokia what?

    It's a capacitive touch screen issue, so most modern smart phones suffer from it.
  11. Resistive screen doesn't have this problem.
  12. show us a picture of your effort
  13. I"m a bit stumped as to why you'd need to use your phone with gloves on anyway ahah
  14. exactly my point.
    just another "niggle" to deal with to own the best thing ever invented ](*,)
  15. in Korea during winter alot of the people wear gloves and had to take them off when using their iPhone, someone started using a sausage sort of like a kabana as a touch pen. Know everyone uses them.
  16. Not really, all modern smartphones have capacitive screens.

    You want multitouch you need capacitive.

    I think your inner bigot is showing.