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Iphone mod?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Niven, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Ive done a quick search of the net and the forums and cant seem to turn anything up!

    I am looking for a way to charge my iPhone off my bike :/ Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. If you have a 12v socket you can buy a car re-charger and hook it up, or if not install one. Seems plenty of people have done it on here.
  3. Has anyone actually mounted an iPhone onto their handlebars? I'd be curious to know if that would work :) With the new tom-tom app, it might be an alternative to an actual gps unit.
  4. I'd consider it, except that (a) iPhones aren't cheap which leads to (b), an Iphone mounted on a bike will be exposed to vibration and dust and the weather in general which may cause problems and (c) they don't appear to have very good screens in bright sunlight.
  5. ive fabricated a bracket that comes off the the tank cover bolt on my R1 out of aluminium. Ive bought a cheap sleeve for the iPhone and put some industrial velcro on it which is attached to a plate over that tank.

    Ill get some pics when camera is working
  6. Remember guys, you wont be able to use the iPhone whilst on the bike. You may not need to touch the phone at whilst riding but if you do need to, with motorcycle gloves on, screen on the iPhone wont work. Try it. Would be very annoying if youre riding with the gps on the iPhone aand you receive a txt message which blocks off your screen. Need to pull over, take glove off, remove message and continue. No fun.
  7. I mount my iPhone on the handlebars using a RAM mount available from www.southerninsight.com.au

    My Alpinestars GP Pro gloves easily make selection on the screen.

    Ive had no problems with debris, dust etc as the cradle offers some protection. Just make sure you only use it in dry conditions.
  8. with the new laws would you be able to use the iPhone as gps?

    Also you would want to ensure its secure and cant easily come de-attached perhaps with a safety chain or something.

    Sinner that sounds the go...... nice little bracket on the filler bolts. Will be good to see pic.