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iPhone / iPad help required

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Got an iPad for Xmas yesterday. Score!

    I have a current plan with my iPhone that gives me free Facebook and a few other free things.

    If I use my phone as a Hot Spot and connect my iPad to that will accessing Facebook via the iPad still be free or will it just consume available data ?

    Thanks techys
  2. Not 100% sure Mick, but I think it will consume data, as it isn't the phone directly accessing the app
  3. That's what I am thinking Cougs. I have a pretty good plan so won't be easy to smash my data limit
    I thought I would ask here as my Xmas spirit doesn't extend to call centres in Bangalore and Mumbai !
  4. Depends on the provider and how you access Facebook for example Telstra use to offer FB free if you used 0.facebook.com website but not Facebook.com
  5. It will consume data in any case.

    Having free facebook, twitter etc probably just means that data to those domains isn't counted.

    The provider shouldn't be tracking what device you use the data from (and even if you use hot spot than its still the same device that connects to 3G).

    So I would say you should be able to use your phone as a hot spot without additional charges (it will be similar to using twice as much traffic from your phone).

    Try to use it moderately in the beginning to see how it goes.
  6. Are you connecting at home via wifi btw?
  7. I don't currently have Internet where I am.Otherwise I would run a wireless router from the cable. Hence using the iPhone HotSpot function.
    As I am moving shortly I will wait and bundle up the Foxtel with an Internet package.
  8. Via an app or browser?

    Apparently if you use 0.facebook.com on the Telstra network it's free. Try it and check for the green dot in the top right corner showing it's unmetered.
  9. Also be aware, (although at present you don't have a choice), that using your phone as a hot-spot flogs the daylights out of your phone charge.....
  10. You'll love the iPad. No worries using your phone to tether until you breach the data limit.
  11. There is a handy app that I have for my phone to monitor the data usage so that I make sure I don't exceed my monthly quota.

    DataMan, if you are interested. It is particularly good for me since my carrier doesn't tell me how much is remaining, but DataMan can tell you instantly how much left and gives you warnings when you use certain amounts.
  12. Some excellent advice and tips there ! Thanks folks
  13. Just a suggestion Mick. If you want to be able to use your ipad away from home, why not get an amaysim sim card, $2 from 7/11. They are the dual size so you can snap out the micro sim and put it in your ipad. You can either do pay as you go data, or for $9.90 you can have 1gb for 30 days. No contracts, can change between plans as often as you like.

    They use the Optus network, so pretty good coverage.
  14. P.S The pay as you go data is 5cents a MB. Okay if you are an infrequent user, but for $9.90 the 1 GB is a better deal
  15. Does you iPad have 3g as well as wifi Mick? If so, HB's post seems a winner.
  16. it is just wi-fi. I don't really need 3G as I can go without having to update my Facebook every 10 minutes.
    No dramas though as i will be running cable Internet shortly.

    What I have noticed though is how far behind Australia is with free wi-fi
    I can go to a tiny warung (shop) in the hills of Bali and get free wi-fi. It is a big selling point for getting customers over there.
    Not even Crown do it for free here.

    Is this due to how expensive data charges are in Australia compared to to other places ?
  17. Looks like you'll be having a lot of Maccas & coffee from Gloria Jeans then. Spencer Street station is a hotspot.
  18. Telcos in Australia absolutely shaft us. All data/phone/internet charges here are horrid compared to most of the world.
  19. It will be used mostly at home once I set up cable and when I travel overseas where you don't get probed in the anus for data charges.
  20. I would rather masterbate with a rusty bread knife than eat at or drink coffee from either of those places.