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iPhone contacts sync issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Hey all;

    While I know this thread will attract the anti-apple fans out there, I still need a solution and the interwebs aren't giving me confidence atm.

    I have a bunch of contacts on my iPhone that I want to back up to google, sounds simple right? Wrong.

    My iPhone when it had 3GS software was sync'd on the work computer (of which I don't have access to anymore), until I upgraded to iOS4. The issue was my iTunes installed on my work computer wouldn't talk to iOS4, and the IT guy that pulled the dodgy and let me install it refused to let me install the new iTunes so I could sync the phone again.

    So, at this point in time, my contact were last sync'd with my work computer outlook contacts, in august.

    Now I want to sync with google. Last time I did that was ages ago, and it sync'd all my old old contacts with shorthand names etc. Since then, I've cleaned up and organised my contacts with proper names etc, and I want to back those up. I've done all that organising on the phone itself.

    If I try to sync with google, it wants to pull my old contacts from ages ago off the google server and put them on my phone, and delete the latest updated ones. It's already done this once, and I had to manually re-enter all my contacts on my phone again from memory and re-sort them. Those numbers I didn't have on hand I lost. :(

    After some internet searching I found you can set up a mail account on the iPhone as a "microsoft exchange" account, but with your gmail details and it works, of which I have done. Now I have a few things on my phone;

    Under contacts I have:
    --All contacts
    --All from my PC (where all mine are)
    --PSNworld Global Address List (work email account)
    --Contacts Matt (gmail account).

    Calendar is similar also.

    Basically it's see the PC contacts as seperate to the Gmail ones, and if I sync through iTunes, it want's to delete my PC ones (all of my only contacts), and replace them with the google ones, which is none.

    Does anyone know how else to get these contacts off the phone and loaded into google??? I know about the CSV file stuff, and can import those into google, but I need ot produce the CSV file somehow from my iPhone... any ideas anyone?

    Really bugging me up the wall now...

    Thanks for any advice...

  2. Are you Jailbroken?

    If no... you're screwed... get iTunes somehow.. or you can individually email yourself a vCard of each contact (annoyingly slow!! (Contacts -> xx -> Share contact -> by email)

    If yes..
    - install OpenSSH.
    - Connect your iPhone and PC to the same wifi network (may need to set up a peer network if there isn't one)
    - Get an sFTP client (WinSCP is good and free)
    - sFTP into the iPhone.
    - Browse to /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/
    - Get the file AddressBook.sqlitedb
    - Download an SQLite reader/converter (like this)
    - Enjoy

    Edit: If you have access to iTunes and can sync.. just disable syncing with gmail, set to sync with windows addressbook, make sure windows addressbook is empty, then sync.. it should copy all over. Then you can export from there.
  3. OOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo the Edit info looks the goer... I'm not Jailbroken because when I went to iOS4 it was 4.0.2 or something, Jailbreakme.com said (well at least last time I tried) that I need 4.0.1 or less... DAMN IT!!

    Ok will try that, thanks Russ(The)
  4. They have released a new jailbreak for 4.1 and anything prior -> Go to http://limera1n.com

    4.0.2 contained nothing on top of 4.0.1 but a patch for the jailbreakme.com pdf exploit.. Doh! ;)

    Good luck!
  5. Russ you ledgend thank you very much.

    Sync'd with windows address book and didn't loose any. Then exported from WAB to a CSV file. Imported the CSV file into google contacts via the web browser. Re-synced with google contacts and she's all apples. Thanks heaps buddy!!

    If I get time tomorrow I might have a look at limera1n :)

    thanks again!