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Iphone Apps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Don't think its been covered before, so what is your favourite iPhone app.

    At the moment I like Shazam , here a song on the radio, and don't know the name of it, let it find the song for you.
  2. I think the i-tit is a breakthrough!! :wink:
  3. Scramble
    F1 Mobile
    F1 Database
    Pkt Weather

    Just to name a few ;)
  4. I have loaded some old classics on mine:

    Space Invaders
    Pac Man
  5. Greatest Road Iphone App


    I have just downloaded this, it’s quite dear, and does pretty much the same as the ‘Roads, Touring, and Riding Diaries’ section but I wanted to try it out.

    So here’s what I gathered from looking at it for about 2 minutes:

    -It’s only fairly new so there isn’t much content, particularly in Australia.
    -It’s a world wide app so it’s would be good if you are planning on riding overseas.
    -You can add your own routes/comments.
    -It looks pretty good
    -Seems to be user friendly

    I’m hoping it actually goes off so that I don’t feel as though I just wasted the money. :)

    I haven’t been on any rides or meets but am planning on going to some when the weather clears up, so if anyone wants to check out the app before buying it your more than welcome to.
  6. Midomi Soundhound - like Shazam only better IMO. Find a song by humming, lyrics, or listening to song etc.
    OzWeather - weather app
    Convert - conversion app for just about everything
    Tweetie 2 - iPhone Twitter client
    Quota - billing tracker for post-paid and pre-paid telco accounts
    Lasoo - retailer catalogue portal search thingy
    Blizzard authenticator - if you play World of Warcraft you should use this
    DVD Dash - DVD database app (I used it when I'm out if I find a DVD that I can't remember if we have or not).
    MotionX GPS - GPS app
  7. Can we get descriptions please with the app's roughly?? The reviews in the app stores are never that detailed...
  8. Haha. Why bother?

    A person that would buy an iPhone is EXACTLY the sort of person who would buy an app (or anything) based solely on it's name rather than what the product actually is (or does) :p
  9. Ebuddy - Chat to your friends on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo etc
    Jungle Crash - Bomb obstacles and land the plane. It's really addictive
    Pkt Cinema - Browse movie times and buy tickets
    Spending - Tracks your income and expenses, shows you how much money you have saved, and creates a graph to show you what percentage of your income goes to different things.
    Tapatalk - Access forums in an iPhone friendly format (thanks Netrider for supporting this app!)
  10. i absolutely love the app where one can make/answer a call! very useful.

  11. Flash support is my fav app :p

    Srsly, get flight control. It's some crazy addictive game based on landing planes and choppers. So addictive
  12. Flight control makes for long sits on the throne.
  13. I have no favourite. err, maybe thats cause I have no iPhone :D

    Have to represent the majority (sorry, couldnt resist Scott).
  14. Add Bluetooth PhotoShare to that list.
  15. No , that's because you is old, and don't understand modern technology :rofl:
  16. My Top iPhone apps
    Pocket Weather
    Flight Control
    Aussie Rules Live
    Navionics Marine Australia
    Alarm Clock
    ANZ banking
  17. This is not only an Iphone app, its good for any and every one.

    www.dropbox.com to download to PC's

    search dropbox to download to Iphone

    Your Welcome :)
  18. Dropbox is great, and what is even better is that Quickoffice on the iPhone is now Dropbox enabled so you can open and edit files you have in dropbox instead of only being able to view them via the dropbox application. :applause:
  19. I've had this one for a while and was a tiny bit disappointed by it for the simple reason that it only works with other iPhones. It's all good now - we got my lovely wife an iPhone lol. Still it doesn't reduce the disappointment at not being able to bluetooth to other brand handsets.
    As for others, I'm a stingy Scotsman and only have free ones :p
  20. In addition to those already mentioned I'm using Quicksilver to allow me to continue to Gmail chat (and quite a few other chat modes) with my wife in her office while I'm out and about, and iProRecorder to record lectures for my distance education students.