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iPhone 4 cracked screen ... !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Okay, so after using the search function, no results came through. As the title implies, just cracked my (new !!!) iPhone 4 screen, after dropping it from a height no more than 1m....shattered screen ! How flimsy are these things ?????

    I've dropped (accidentally, mind you) my previous phone several times - not even a mark on it ! This thing ? Shattered ! Lucky it still works though it looks like a cracked windscreen....NOT happy Jan !

    So, after googling 'iPhone 4 cracked screen', several returns appeared, namely in Melbourne as to where to have it repaired.

    Being less than 2 weeks in my possession, I did consider taking out Insurance on the phone (there's another 10 bucks per month gone) but after me asking of any excess, it was only then I was advised ~ $300 odd for phone replacement in case of damage/stolen etc. Now, that seems a LOT to have a phone replaced, but after seeing the amount of damage caused by a simple drop (with phone cover and screen protector), I now know why ](*,)

    My questions :

    Has anyone been in this predicament and what course of action did you take ?
    Did you make a claim through Insurance (if taken), hence pay out the excess ?
    If not, who did you use to have screen repaired/replaced ?
    In the latter case, how much were you quoted to have screen replaced ?

    I appreciate all info folks...to say I'm not impressed with the build quality/strength of these things is a serious understatement.

  2. Ok a mate took his shattered iPhone 4 down to a place on Elizabeth St in the city and they replaced the screen while we waited. Great job too, and wasn't that expensive. Will check with him tomorrow to verify the details and will report back.
  3. Thanks mate - much appreciated. If it's significantly less that that stupid excess insurance/phone companies employ, then I'll have it repaired personally.
    I'll await your details and again, thanks (y)
  4. I gather it's a fairly common thing.
  5. As someone who works in retail telco, can confirm that it's a common thing - when those screens break, they really do so spectacularly.

    Get onto apple's website, book an appointment with your local genius bar. It'll cost you about $250, they'll replace with a refurbished one and your warranty won't be void.
  6. Also, don't bother with phone insurance, it's a waste of money, if you read the fine print it pretty much says they won't replace/fix a phone for any reason. If it's stolen it means you failed to have it secure, if it's damaged they classify that as misuse etc.

    EDIT: as 17SJS said, you can always take it into apple which is the great thing about iPhones, when mine broke Vodafone wouldn't have a bar of it, took it into apple, $150 later and I got a brand new (refurbished) phone.
  7. my dumb phone is like 15 years old, has been dropped, thrown against a wall, through the washing machine, the dog tried to bury it once.... still works just fine.
    who's the smart phone now hey :)
  8. Hey, thanks guys...really appreciate the input ! Will look into an Apple store and see what they can do, and as mentioned $150 for repair/refurbishment sounds quite reasonable.
    Monkeyman, you're not wrong !
  9. get a cheap screen protector and case it will prevent the screen from cracking as I've happily discovered having a 5 year old butterfingered son.
  10. Hey Nick feel for you buddy as the same happened to my 3GS end of last year. You have 3 choices:

    1) Order a screen replacement kit off ebay for $30 and attempt to DIY (will take a few weeks for postage unless you can source the kit locally)
    2) Take it to Apple and swap for a refurb unit for $250 (self inflicted damage/cracked screen isn't covered under Apple warranty)
    3) Take it to the local shopping centre to one of those phone kiosks usually found in the middle and they will repair it for approx $150 while you wait.

    I opted for option 3 as I wanted a quick smart solution which I believe you do too. I got mine fixed by Australia gsm world located at Broadmeadows shopping centre just outside JB hifi. They also have branches at Pipeworks and Highpoint. There's a big phone store I see on Cooper St just before you get to Hume Hwy that may be able to do it or if you're on the peninsula you could give these guys a try.

    Mine had an anti glare screen cover when I dropped mine but since getting the screen replaced the phone lives in a leather case as well as having the anti glare screen cover.

    Might be worth popping by either of the 2 Apple stores and having a word to a genius before you do anything else and see what they suggest. If they ask for $250 + unless you're ok with it then there are cheaper fixes as mentioned above. You may be able to use your charm and sweet talk a genius into doing it for free or for a low price.
  11. Dropped mine now 3 times from that height on to concrete, from my shirt pocket onto ramp at the airport, not even a scratch... Luck of the draw, no case no screen do dad thing, my last iPhone I smashed onto my hardwood floor at home (deliberately) smashed the screen, then stomped on it and had another go... Just think of homers BBQ pit LOL
  12. Ok went for a ride with him today - he said it cost about $190 from memory, and they included a screen protector with that. As I mentioned they did it on the spot and it took maybe 15 - 20 minutes or so...although they were also trying to jailbreak it for him so it may well have taken less time if they hadn't bothered with that. He couldn't remember the name of the place but said he'd check and let me know.
  13. Be interesting to see what the next Ipod screen is like.

    I cant imagine apple releasing another weak as piss screen now they have hundreds of class actions pending against them for their current crap screen they decided to go with (Not too many people are impressed when a 800 dollar phone cracks when you look at it sideways - it also affects their ipod touch 4)
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  15. Lol monkeyman. I just upgraded my shitter to a new shitter that cost $40 from telstra. The new shitter is still more of a shitter than the old shitter.

    Anyway, iPhones are for the cool people. I dont qualify for that. Unless you wear a fedora and ralph lauren polo with the big horsie on it they wont even let you near the iPhone section of the store.