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iPhone 3GS overheating claims - please confirm?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Hey all;

    While I don't want this thread specifically to talk about the technical features and stuff of which smartphone is better, what I'm more interested in is whether these overheating claims are true?? I suspect information from regular posters here will be more reliable then some of the other sources around. For some reason I get the feeling it is a hoax possiably set up by iPhone haters (read any iPhone news article comments section and they are everywhere).

    The reason I ask is I'm pondering the idea of possiably getting a 3GS once the prices drop.

    Anyone have one of these units or can confirm any overheating issues?

  2. It's just a new app that helps you boil water
  3. There are a few Next G phones renowned for getting quite hot during a call, The Nokia 6120 and to some extend the E51, the Samsung A411/A412 also did it. It may be a similar thing exacerbated... we havent got our stock of them from Telstra yet to have played with one.
  4. Wired had a discussion on this earlier in the week. It's not unusual for it to happen given climate extremities in certain areas.

    News.com.au always blow tech related stories out of the water but. Gizmodo and Engadget are always better alternatives and a few days quicker.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me, my nokia 5800 gets quite hot while web browsing. No hard data though, sorry.
  6. i have an iPhone and it gets hot whilt charging. esp if im charging via usb from computer.

    It also gets hot playing music. Ive had it get so hot that the phone refuses to work.

    and crapps out whilst on my bike. which it shouldnt given that its flash memory (isnt it).

    sh*t battery life

    I dont think much of the iPhone. my wife on the otherhand loves it.

    to each their own.
  7. interesting, thanks mate.

    I'm assuming you have the 3G, (not 3GS) if you've had it for a while??

    When you say hot, how hot? almost unholdable??

    I guess if it stops working that's hot enough... :cry:
  8. The way this has gone down screams smear campaign to me. No evidence, too wide a public outcry of "I read on a forum about some guy who heard in a pub..."

    That said, it's certainly possible, I had an old nokia that helped limit my phone bill by forcing me to make <5 minute phonecalls or else it would burn my face.

    I trust that if there is an issue with individual sets, Apple will replace them.
    If it's a more wide ranging issue, I'm sure there will be a recall.

    This whole thing just seems like FUD to me.
  9. i call hoax
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  11. Well we got two 3GS iPhones monday and i spent all of yesterday arvo and half of last night mucking around setting them up on our wifi and downloading apps etc while they were plugged into the USB and i can't say they got noticably warm.
  12. yeah 3G. had it for about 4 months.

    can get bloody hot but not burn yourself hot. i recon thats crap.
  13. depends...

    some people have had their laptops spurt flames, while most do not.

    The iPhone has all the ingredients to potentially generate a lot of heat if operated under the right conditions.

    I wouldnt hold back buying one just because of a few scattered reports though. Itll be covered by the various consumer protection laws we have in place, in the case of problems emerging.

    Instead, I'd just not buy one because of its numerous other flaws.
  14. As the owner/user of two 6120's they do tend to get warm when in use for long periods on voice or data but not to the level that you cant hold it but you do notice it.
  15. I think, given the circumstances, this is most likely an exaggeration. It has been my experience that Apple products run very hot around the batteries (anyone who has tried to use a recent macbook on their laps knows what I am talking about) but to some extent I think this may have to do with the sexy metal casing. Aluminium carries heat better than plastic does.

    With that said, There is no such thing as a free lunch. You cannot extract more power from a battery without causing it to create more heat...

    Give it time, and then see how it goes. By the time the price drops to make the purchase worth while all the myths will be dispelled anyway.

  16. Price drop and the word Apple in the same breath??

    Surely you jest?

    I bought the iPhone 3G about 4 months ago.

    I've had several phones over the years and aside from its slightly sluggish performance, it is the best phone I have ever owned*

    I tried a mates new 3G S and the thing flies.

    Hot, well, mine gets a little hot but it's not unbearable hot. It runs no more hotter than any other 3G phone I have owned.

    My mate is not reporting a heat issue with his 3G S.

    Sure it has some limitations but it's a lot of phone in a slim case ;)

    Bonus for me is that the wife now wants an iPhone so she will get my "hand-me-down" :grin: :grin: :grin:

    *refers to digital phones. the best phone when they were just a phone was the NEC P5
  17. You've changed, Vic.
    There was once a time when we struggled along, poking and prodding at the internals of our WM5 devices....sharing stories of cooked bios' and upgrades to wm6 etc.

    Those were the days.

    Don't worry about me, I'm still tediously plugging along with my HTC Touch HD, to keep the Apple virus away. (Good phone BTW, just the usual tweaks, personalization and bloatware-removal to get it running well :) )

    :p :p
  18. Thanks for the info vic. Now, tell me more about this star you typed, it's like a disclaimer at the bottom of the page, but I can't find it... :)
  19. Sorry, yeah, updated now.
  20. I had a really bad experience with WM5 and then WM6. It was very "windows-ey" for me. It just never worked.

    I went back to symbion for a year and it drove me mad.

    I cracked the N95 8GB's screen and I was then forced into the purchase of a new phone.
    As soon as I read that 3.0 was officially announced bringing with it some major upgrades, I decided to get the iPhone.