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iPhone 3GS, New IOS4, what's the word?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I'm one of those that don't usually get the first release of anything cause I hate buggy products.

    Itunes is telling me that there's a new operating system for my iPhone 3GS and it apparently does some of the iPhone 4 stuff.

    I've come across some reports of some having having issues and others that are loving it. What the NR word on IOS4? Any good? Worth the bugs? Should I hold off for the inevitable 4.01?


  2. No bugs no problems it all works perfectly, If anything the iPhone seems zippier and I'm not entirely sure but the battery life seems longer.
  3. been hearing reports of reduced battery life for some, I believe it may be dependent on those applications you may not realise are still running in the background though.

    Ausgamers have a thread, as do a few other places, which are possibly more populated, and more orientated on phone and apple fans.
  4. I've run everything in the background to see if the performance is effected and no problems at all, battery life seems the same....

    Only issue has been with photos being pixleated after update, you have to delete them and re sync.... Not a fan of the folders but other than that it's great ( not like your forced to use them anyway)
  5. Seen reports of some people running perfect, some reduced battery life. As main stuff goes, google your apps to see how they handle it. It should work (not counting any apps installed besides stock).
  6. updated and happy apart from the pixelated image issue mentioned above. re-sync fixed it though.
  7. no bugs, camera zoom is shit, but i do like the new folder feature, 1 games folder with all your games and so on, multi task, finaly, still no flash though (macromedia flash)
  8. And some news on the new iPhone 4....

    Cupertino's latest shiny wundertoy has gone on sale in the US with one tiny little flaw. Hold it the wrong way and your phone signal drops out in a matter of seconds. That's right, the new iPhone isn't that great if you actually hold it like a phone. The problem is that the new iPhone 4 uses its metal rim to boost its signal strength. Touch the metal strip in the wrong place and you'll go from full signal strength to no signal in a matter of seconds

  9. a couple of things..

    best bit ... stay awake wifi .. when in sleep the phone keeps the wifi open ..awesome.

    possible trouble spot - apps run in background automatically, this may lead to extra data usage ?!
  10. ahh my new HTC legend has all the stuff a new iPhone has and more , i chose the legend cause there better :p
  11. They're
  12. http://gizmodo.com/5512656/how-multitasking-works-in-the-new-iPhone-os-40

  13. It doesn't use the metal rim to 'boost' strength, whilst the 2 section rim comprises dual resonant antennas the are not phased sections (or similar).

    The reason that signal strength drops so strongly when the gap is touched is that the users skin bridges the gap between the 2 separate antennas making up the rim detuning both antennas and reducing performance.

    Holding the phone anywhere not touching the gap won't cause this problem or if it bothers you get a set of the Apple bumpers which insulate the antennas from the holders skin.

    Personally I believe the minor inconvenience is worth the improved performance of the exterior antennas.

    It's not like I'd grab a walky talky antenna at the maximum voltage/minimum current point so why do the same to a phone antenna ](*,)
  14. ZRX, it doesn't bother me as I don't have the new phone yet, it was a news story that many people around the world, are currently feeling is a design flaw with the new phone.
    Why should you have to buy an Apple bumper to use the phone, at a price of $30us, for the convenience of using a phone as a phone.
  15. Rob mate, hold off for a couple of weeks at least. Many developers have not yet provided updates for their apps to make them iOS4 compatible, and as a result I'm left with a bunch of apps that crash on load or shortly thereafter.

    All the core features work fine and there are some nice additions, but the issue for me is the lag in fixing incompatible apps. But *sigh* I couldn't resist the "oooh the new OS is available, must update!" directive.
  16. I was thinking of updating mine today, I should waity?

    Also, if I do a standard update (no jail breaking shenanigans), will I loose all my app's and contact's / data and have to re-install them or will it work around them?

  17. You don't, the gap if I remember rightly is right near the bottom of the phone and is only a problem if you hold the phone in a certain specific way, and although it reduces signal strength it doesn't drop calls or anything important.

    Another media beat up...
  18. #19 grange, Jun 27, 2010
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    There seems to be enough vids on youtube by users, dismissing your claim of a media beat up....

    [media=youtube]5YlytfAxMkw[/media] dropping signal with / without bumper


  19. Based on my experience, I'd wait a little while for app developers to catch up first, unless all your apps have already updated for iOS4 compatibility.

    And no, you retain everything that was there before you upgraded - apps, settings, data.

    I did lose my contacts but only because they were on an exchange server that had been decommed so it couldn't resync them - I was waiting on the CardDAV compatibility that became available in iOS4 before enabling the new contacts listing synced from a new OSX server (didn't work in 3.1.3), so it was a deliberate choice on my part. You won't have that problem.