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iPad/GPS Mount

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Greeting programs,

    A few months back i bought a ZTE V9 tablet specifically for Navving/Entertainment in the car, it has all my music and stuff, now to mount it in the car required an iPad mount (the tab isnt anywhere near as big as the iPad though)
    The question is, has anyone found any novel ways of mounting an ipad or large GPS unit to their bike, the mount i have i just cant fit anywhere on my ninja, which is a shame because this thing is absolutely brilliant to use for navigating.

    Or am i now limited to using my phone in my pocket with an earpiece to navigate?

    Thoughts guys?

    The Funk
  2. Check holdmyphone.com.au

    They're expensive but have some good mounts.

    I bought one for my Galaxy s2 with a handlebar clamp but haven't had time to try it yet.
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  3. Ill check em out, my phone is a GS2 so that would be the other option tho im not real keen on having that thing anywhere it might go flying off onto the road. The tab im not as worried about as at $99 theyre cheaper than the majority of dedicated gps units.
  4. I have an iPhone mount. Will not fit you tablet, but the phone would be fine. Water proof, I have power to it for the phone. Use that as my gps.
  5. I have a ram mount in the steering stem hole on my blade to hold my iPhone, I have laid the bike down twice with it on and both times it has survived unscathed. Would be worth seeing if RAM make something for the ipad or ZTE
  6. I just bought a Ram Mount for my iPhone so I can use the GPS app.

    You can check them out here: http://www.ram-mount.com.au/
    They have stuff for iPads and other tablets so you’ll need to go through their tablet mount list to see if they have the one to match your ZTE, then you need to match it up with a “clamp” from the list here

    I ordered mine on Wednesday and it was delivered today. I spoke to them first on the phone before placing the order online and they were very helpful. Probably not the cheapest option, but for a $1K phone, $50 (including express post) seems worth it.

    Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way with these guys, I was just impressed with their service and the product
  7. Hrm... decisions decisions... thankyou very much for the info guys, youve been a great help.
    Ill have to leave it until after i get my new boots tho i think haha the ones ive got the zip has just failed on one of them!!
  8. Sounds like you got your priorities right there.

    I have been looking at he space between my gauges and the two mounting points on the top triple and wondering what I can fabricate up to hold my iPhone as a GPS.
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  11. Comes with everything needed to connect it to the battery and it has a quick release click which I like. My last ram mount was stolen off my bike so I want something detachable in future like this. Let me know what its like if you get it, I was planning on ordering one but only when the new bike arrives.
  12. Iiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting..... i was about to find somewhere to post a question as to how you would go about adding an accessories adaptor to your bike, ive found a couple of solutions but cant work out whether they are complete (I.e. whether they can be plugged into the unused wires on my ninjette, or if i have to wire it to the battery, or if there needs to be something else entirely. Originally i was just after a mount for the tab, but thats looking to be less viable, so my next option (which i would also be able to use as an HD cam) is to mount my GS2, but as thats a power hungry biatch, for that to be worth it id need to find a way to charge it too.

    This was one option i found through another forum - http://www.bluerim.com.au/powerlet/akt-001-24-cigarette-socket-panel-mount-kit-24.html
    Have emailed the supplier for some more details as to whether thats the starting point or if something else is needed. They also do USB outlets, and various other adaptors.... Will definantly your link a look, but in the meantime, is there anyone with a bit more technical knowledge that might be able to provide some insight here? (Or point me to a previous thread!!)

    The Funk.
  13. +1.

    I like the look of that eBay one also, but I would need to adapt the mount as there is no handlebar room on my clip on's.

    But the power kit and the holder look like they will do the job nicely.
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  15. sigh!!!!!!

    what ever happened to just riding and getting lost, I appreciate technology but when I'm on the bike, it's me and the bike against the rest with no distractions from Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Idgaf. We talk about distracted drivers not seeing or hearing us, are we going to be just like them?

    and yes I am an older rider, but I'm not a luddite .. I just like the purity of riding and hearing the bike.
  16. If only I had a good iPad mount on my bike - I could reply to your post whilst riding!
  17. Did you order this in the end? I ordered one yesterday so I'll pop up a review when it arrives if you haven't.
  18. Funny idea you have to put a massive tablet on your bike. However I've managed to mount my GS2 on the bike.
    Buy a case on ebay and put heavy duty velcro on it, I use dual locks.
    Put some velcro on the triple clamp or where ever you want it and Bobs your uncle.
    Leave the case stuck on the bike, and just clip in the phone when needed.
  19. The one I'm getting is for an iPhone. Don't understand the iPad personally but I guess thats personal preference
  20. no I didn't. I have a new bike now, so, need a new mount too (my other mount stayed with the C8) so, a review would be greatly appreciated.