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iPad apps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CFVFR, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Yo, sup?

    Well finally purchased the iPad and having fun with it while the missis is using my netbook for studies etc. (as if I needed an excuse to part with 700 big ones which a work bonus paid for anyway!)

    Installed a few apps ie pinball etc, now I'd like some input from fellow net riders on their fav apps that may be worth while.
    I did a search and there are a few topics on iPhone apps and while some are available to iPad, some arnt.

    Any suggestions peeps?


  2. Get zombie gunship. So awesome and addictive.
  3. There's a bunch of apps that track your girlfriends periods.

    Handy to know when to save it, or treat yourself with a wank.
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  4. Epic.
  5. eBay
    Different versions of birds
    Real racing 2
    Metroview (gps)
    Abc Iview

    just for starters
  6. Zinio is great.
    Real Racing 2 is awesome. Look out for it when it is on sale although it is rare.
    First Touch Soccer
    Bikesales if you are looking for new bikes
    AVPlayerHD. Plays just about any video format.
    Pocket Weather
    Fruit Ninja HD
    Death Rally
    Cut the rope
  7. Pirelli have a good app that tracks speeds, lean angle and logs max speed etc.

    And it's free
  8. Depending on whether you're taking your ipad with you on a ride:
    MotionX-GPS. Tracks the routes you've taken, speed etc, you can upload and post on Facebook etc

    Other Riding Apps:
    Cockpit Rec
    Show The Loo (hehehe...VERY useful!)

    Best game apps:
    Zombie Gunship
    Infinity Blade
    Dead Space
    Street Fighter IV
    Metal Storm

    Quick Games:
    Tiny Wings
  9. For those using the Zinio app, there is a couple of good motorcycle magazines available, at a reasonably cheap price.

    Cycle World : 12 issues / 1yr $12.41 us publication

    Motor Cyclist: 12 issues / 1yr at $7.76 us publication

    Aus Road Rider is available as well, at $59.40 for 12 issues / 1 yr, but at that price, for a digital download, I would be buying the printed subscription....
  10. Would be good if we could access Netrider forums via the iPad Tapatalk app but there are issues.

    See link for corrections by System Admin.
    "Forum admin to upgrade the plugin to xf10_1.8.1"
  11. Is there some reason I can't log into the forum via Tapatalk?
  12. Probably cos Mouth is renovating.
  13. OK. I'm a newbie. I guess that means I'll have to wait and see.
  14. Cycle torque
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  15. into the dead
    stupid zombie 1&2
    plant v zombie
    extreme road trip 1&2
    temple run 1&2