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Ipad 3G or ipad wifi + pocket modem ? Thoughts on speed vs price vs coverage !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bennjamin, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. hi all

    Im after buying a ipad 1/2 for dad for xmas - either a 3g or wifi + pocket wifi modem setup , pending discussion. It works out roughly the same price for a 3g ipad vs a non-3g+wifi modem.

    My dad will use it up and down the east coast of AU , while away on road trips etc.

    My questions are :-

    1. Apart from initial setup - what gives the better value plans (in general) ?
    2.What offers better average speed / better coverage ?

    My options are a ipad 1 refurbed , 3g or wifi. Its easiest as a 3g so its "all in one" - but i worry about coverage and or actual speed (3g on my iPhone , for example is SLOW)
    I am looking at what both telstra , optus and vodafone offer....

    thoughts ! Thanks !
  2. I got the wifi one and bought a wireless wifi modem for a number of reasons:

    1) You can hook up a number of devices to the wifi modem easily (including your mobile etc)
    2) Cost of data downloads (at the time anyway) were cheaper and you could prepay a certain amount of data that gives you up to a year to use it which for me was better than having to go through a certain amount of data in 30 days
    3) The wifi modems are small and easy to carry around and hold a charge for ages
    4) There are heaps of wifi spots around and TBH even with my iPhone that is "all in one" as you say I find that I don't even use 200MB a month as I can pretty much find a wifi network almost everywhere.
  3. I got the iPad 2 3G on a telstra plan, $150 for 12 gb that can be used up to a year, more than enough and u can't beat telstra in speed
  4. +1. I have an iPad 1, with the same 12gb for 12 months. Works very well.