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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Forced (thanks, Apple, Microsoft give you a choice) to upgrade my 32gb 3G iPad3 to iOS7 last night.
    What a disappointment, the device is now so S L O W.......
    Form over function, from Apple, who'da thought it??

  2. What happened to the "three years of awesome products" Steve had lined up when he karked it.

    It's two years since he fell off the perch and all we've seen is re-packaged arse.
  3. Forced to upgrade? I'm still running an iPhone 1 on iOS1 and I've never been forced to upgrade it. Nor do I particularly want to.
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  4. Lucky you..
    I was trying to update a couple of apps and wondered why nothing was happening, when I went and looked iOS7 was quietly downloading in the background.....
  5. I thought you like arse?
  6. Derailed in just 5 posts, must be a new record :LOL:!!!!
  7. Looks like you need to upgrade your hardware now - go out and buy the latest iPad / phone. There's a new one every year! and at $1k a pop someone's winning!!
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  8. I have no idea why you were forced to upgrade. Are you sure you didn't start this process by mistake?

    I have iOS7 and it works great.

    Turn it off and on again ;)
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  9. Just upgraded my ipad2 this morning. It's running better than before, though I'm not fond of the 'flat' scheme.
  10. Ok it's been turned off and on a couple of times.
    Specifically, the screen re-draws are 'chunky' and slow, not instant and fluid as they were under iOS6. In the wallpaper section, it takes a good three seconds or more to acknowledge that you want a different choice; 'set home screen' gives no response for up to five seconds. Both tasks were instant under iOS6.
    In the App store for upgrades, you are presented with a blue dot. Clicking on it results in nothing happening for about ten seconds, then a line traces round the perimeter of the dot. Then the dot returns and sits there; what to do next? Tap the dot again, of course. Wait another ten seconds, and you get the choice to launch the App. How is this superior to seeing a progress bar in the icon and the prompt 'Open' when the update is complete???
    I'm not whinging, I want a solution. Maybe a factory-reset back to iOS6?
  11. IOS7 is a retina display compatible OS from what I read - so 3G 3GS phones may not get the benefit.
  12. Not sure what you're doing, everyone at work has commented that their old devices are actually much quicker.
    The only real issue is their activation servers not being able to keep up with the number of requests, but lets be honest people cant honestly expect them to waste time and money upping the server fleet at huge cost just for a short period of time.
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  13. My daughter just upgraded her I pad and tried to show me last night, I couldn't keep up with her flying fingers. Might try the phone tonight see what happens.
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  14. The best thing that happened to me was Siri has left my phone..... Had her before and she would never do what I asked...... Yes it might have been what I was asking...... But since upgrade she is gone, nowhere to been seen and I have been through all the settings
  15. #15 Jem, Sep 20, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
    Bugger just found her just had to hold down the home button and it comes up voice control and there she was....

    Still however useless
  16. Its a thread about apple. I'm surprised it made it that far.
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  17. re-packaged arse

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  18. Works nicely on my phone, I like it.
  19. Got it yesterday on my iPhone 4 ...So far so good.

    But come 1st October, moving to Android. Just pre-booked the Sony Xperia Z1. :)

    But liking iOS 7 as well.

  20. Sounds wrong. Google 'DFU', I've seen that transform a device that was running poorly before.