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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by gc33, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,we not long got back from the Isle of Man T road races. That would have to go down as the all time best ride we have ever done and we do intend to go again in 2009. Shipped our Blackbird thru Dave Milligan and get routed tours. Bike got there with not a scratch on it (wish it would come back that way too but it fell over at a servo in dundee,scotland fully loaded. Treid to throw myself under it but nah wasnt gonna happen) broken brake lever,cracked screen,. broken mirror stay and some bark of the RH lower fairing. Nothing bit of paint wont fix.
    Watch for next issue of Rapid....I weas asked to write my personal account of the trip.....
    It all still feels like a bit of a dream but this week we picked up our 07 TT official review dvd and there was glimpses of us on it...
    Trip of a lifetime.

  2. One day I'd love to go to Isle of Man :cool:

    Bugger about the bike, but still sounds like a great trip, so where's the pics?
  3. Hey gc...I'll keep an eye out for the article! Wouldn't mind going to this myself one day :) Looks an absolute blast.

    Just out of curiosity, how much did it cost to get the bike there and back?
  4. im only new to this site so still figuring out how and where to attach pics.
    Next time we wont be taking the bike. Only because we met so many great people over there both in IOM and UK, Scotland etc that we have had a lot of offers to borrow one of their bikes and to just sort out the insurance.
    We found the people over there to be ever so friendly. The Manx people are awesome and very proud of their island and its heritage. Road racing comes only 2nd to their football.
    It was a dream of mine for a good 10 years and the 100years just seemed to be the right time. Fortunately for me I have a partner that loves riding as much as I do and a job that supprts my desires (mining) :grin:
    The trip cost us well over $20k by the time we shipped the bird,prepared ourselves with new riding gear,major service on the bike, insurances accommodation etc. It all adds up but next time we expect to do it for max of $10k. Thats for both of us. For aboout $6k one person would have an absolute blast...
    Now...where do I post pics? :? ah now i got it....