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invite for Sydney scooter RIDERS to SYD 'coffee night'

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dante, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys n gals if any of the scooter RIDERS out there are interested we have a regular social coffee night at homebush bay brewery at 7pm on the first tuesday of each month. this month, (march) its on the 7th .

    see this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=250912&highlight=#250912

    i dont really know much about scooters so come along and share some scooter stories over drinks and dinner..
  2. I can see you've been overwhelmed by responses 'an all mate.

    Should we mention the free latte's?
  3. That's a good idea, but they'll miss out of they arrive lat(t)e {groan}
  4. so far got a couple of maybe's from scooters RIDERS via pm.

    i think we will have 3 or 4 this time and maybe 12 in april
  5. Maybe they're offended cause you keep calling them drivers?
  6. oh but your divinding netriders you cant have a special scooter riders coffee night you should just come to the regular coffee nights :roll:
  7. The invite IS to the normal coffee night, it's just in a separate thread.

    And, (I can't resist this, sorry) since I will be there, it's sure to be a divine night :LOL:
  8. hey eswen could u post me a link to that picture of darth vader on a scooter. i know i saw it somewhere i been looking for it for about 15 mins
  9. hornett as a scooter rider.. id actually liek to meet you. u have both sence and a sence of humour.. unlike alot on here ;)

    i wa quite happ to attend an adelaide coffee night. and after a mininum of " scooter jokes" or your scooters kinda cute comments from dif chicks the night went well.. i was passed off as just another n00b in the group.

    cheers trent/fluffy bunny feet, if it wasnt for you i woudlnt of gone.

    catch ya round the place yet again ;)
  10. Indeed. I'm coming down to Melbourne for the Netrider Dinner and the Grand Prix, and my yearly run up Reefton with Farawayman (mark your diary, Dave) and I'm planning on making a trip across to Adelaide (the city of my youth).

    So a coffee at least with you and Revken and Fluffy Bunny Feet is definitely on the cards!!
  11. I just posted the info on our Northern Beaches scooter forum to see if there are any takers. I wouldn't hold my breath though, there's not a big interest in actually joining in with other 2 wheel enthusiasts. Out of 150 forum members I had 13 replies from a poll for people interested in scooter runs. 1 reply was actually a no. :s

  12. next scoot coffee meet

    hi just read the emails and missed the coffee. v sad. but would like to join next month as I work across the road from the brewery.
    Anoosh :p
  13. It was nice to see so many scooter folk turn up.
    I was very impressed.
    Lucky we had enough chairs to go around hey.

    Anavonalten: Your quite welcome next time amigo.
  14. i was plesantly surprised on how many scooters showed up

    keep up the good work scooters!! see you next time!!! :LOL:
  15. i cant wait , got mine today and went lil ride around my apartment !! goes ell and its a lil speeder!
  16. Around your apartment?

    Does it fit in the lift as well then? :LOL:

    Saves locking it up in the garage I guess.