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Invite: Drinks at my place Saturday night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Just an open invite to peeps that if you've got nothing on this Saturday night, you're welcome to come down to my place for some of this: :beer: this: :blah: and this: :beer:

    Reason?Because it would be nice to sit back, relax and have a few drinks with folk.

    Plenty of room for people to crash for the night. :)

    pm me for details or if you already know the address, post below that you're coming. Hope some can make it. :)

    PS..I'm on the island. :)
  2. hmm, not another 2200km round trip !!

    . . . . heck ! 20% of me is thinking about it ! LOL
  3. :LOL: Go on Micky - do it. :LOL:
  4. and i have this weekend free also !
    and i have been busy at work.
    and my car has not moved since Bright.
    the precious Duc has new oil . . .

    and Rosie just nudged me !
    damn . .thats 30% of me thinking of going on a road trip !

    and its suppose to be raining in Syd all weekend !
  5. *nudges Micky again*

    40% ? :grin:

    Pleeeeease! Road trips are fun. Weather's supposed to be really really good this weekend! It was meant to happen Micky! Meant to happen! ;) :LOL:
  6. You must have esp Rosie.....
    I was gonna ring you and see if ya wanted company for the weekend :)

    I reckon Speed might come too :wink:
    I bags a bed :p
  7. :woot: Bed is bagzd
  8. hmm, half the office have the Flu
    Ring in sick and say i've been infected . . . .
    Leave tomorrow.
    Then call in sick again on monday saying that i'm still getting over it !

    geeez Caz is bad influence !
  9. hahahaha...go Caz! :wink: *nudges Micky again* :p
  10. I'll have to sort out some plans and tick some boxes, but I'm a good chance to make it. I'll confirm soonish. :)
  11. oi, I resemble that remark :LOL:

    LOL @ Micky trying to rustle up riding buddies at this hour that can leave tomorrow
  12. Who says i'm riding ??? :p
  13. Christmas in july :?: :idea: :grin:
  14. Caz !!!
    bloody hell !!

    You should work for the CIA, damn girl, you have ways of making people decide to do things !!

    Xmas in July.
    Its raining in Syd all weekend.
    Car has not moved since Bright.
    Need a break.
    Need to get my camoflaged beanie back !!
    Need to swap the black mohawk with the purple one I have.
  15. Caz - Ho ho ho and a bottle of Rum :wink:

    Hey Seany - Really hope you can make it :)
  16. A purple mohawk.... :shock: :cool: thats it... your coming down,
    I've decided for ya.

    Can't wait to see Rosie hobbling about on crutches pissed hahahaha :rofl:
  17. Oh dear :shock: this just took a turn for the worse :LOL:

    I've seen what you pirates get up too.
  18. :p I might have got rid of them by then - hoping to get my space boot today. :grin:

    lol Drew..you coming?

  19. unfortunately no. :( ...we have a hotel room in the city booked for the night..and off to the theatre on sunday. (Romantic type weekend stuff) Definately will make a trip soon though, Got to go and see Speed soon so may make it a big round trip.
  20. I reckon our NSW comrad has piked out!!!!
    All quiet on the northern front this morning, he isn't even answering me in msn....
    typical really, all talk, no action :p