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Invisible helmet/Airbag helmet

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by lillilster, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I wonder if these helmets would ever meet Australian Standards for motorcycle helmets and if I would have enough trust that the helmet would inflate before the moment of impact to wear one.

  2. That things awesome, what an invention. My question is what are those women doing out of the kitchen though ;-)
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  3. I think they would be useless as a motorbike helmet, or at least useless by themselves, you would still need eye protection and they would be a biatch in the cold/wet
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  4. General motorcycling would probably set the devices off, such as hitting a bump/pot-hole, swerving quickly, cornering over a bump etc. It would be interesting to see if a slightly less sensitive device could be developed specifically to protect a motorcyclists neck from collarbone to the actual helmet similar to how rigid medical neck braces work.

    Or alternatively, could this device be adapted to cover a motorcyclists back? its a very interesting product but it's limitations will probably mean it will never be approved in Australia.
  5. In this neck of the woods it seems most cyclists already wear invisible helmets.