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Investigating Scammers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Disco_Dave, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I just wanted some tips on investigating and identifying scammers when selling a bike (e.g. from email or phone contacts). I am aware of the obvious ones but have received several requests which make me suspicious but could be legitemate.

    I say this as after listing my bike for sale i have had some suspicious buyer contacts by phone and email and wanted to know how i can best protect myself from getting scammed.

    For example i have had several of the "my mate will pick it up for me" emails.
    I know alot of them are scams but I cant see how this would be an issue if the mate pays for it with cash in full.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. If they bring cash in hand then they are not scamming you.
    If they bring a bank cheque and it clears into your account, they are also not scamming you.

    Anything else is a scam. Tell them to get stuffed, there are plenty of people who will want to buy your bike just have to be patient.
  3. Yep. Typical rule of thumb, don't give them the bike until cash is in your hand / in your bank. Also, w/ test rides, they bin it they buy it. Anything else... Well, if you obey the first rule you can't really go wrong.
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    If you dont accept bank cheques you are going to lose sales, why would someone just give you a bank cheque and wait to clear then you could just take off with their money. If you have a tin foil hat just meet at the bank and ask them if its genuine.

    Op cash is cash, but they need to sign the documents as the new owner, i would say sure have your mate bring the cash and come see it but he will have to sign the receipt, so ou are going to assume that he mate is buying it then he will sell it to him later.. Tell him that you dont want to know anything about his mate forging his name or anything, deniability
  5. Don't deal by email or text.
    If the person really wants the bike they are going to look at themselves not 'send a mate'.
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  6. A few months ago my brother sent his mate to check out and later buy a bike for him. People have work commitments and geographic limitations you know.
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    haven't sold yet, but i have been looking around to buy.

    a genuine buyer will have (close to) the amount of cash you quoted to buy the bike, for starters.

    I would not meet at your house, or give out your address. (incase they come back to nick it with 3 other blokes) Meet at the local shop or park etc. and lock up your bike with a chain etc. so they can sit on it, but not ride away.

    Personally i would not allow test rides at all. You may arrange some hefty collateral (the full amount of cash for instance) even if they leave you with a bike or car, it may be stolen.

    I would offer a test ride in the form of a '3 day warranty' etc. So they pay for the bike before riding it.

    same as a drug deal; no cash, no product.

    as a genuine buyer i would not expect a ride until the owner has seen a roll of notes
  8. Except if on tick.