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Inventor gets owned by his own invention

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. #1 Respi, Oct 3, 2008
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    he maybe smart enough to build it but not smart enough to know this was always goign to have a bad ending.

  2. It’s odd that my initial search “electric bike crash†returned the following (see enclosed screenshot)

    Maybe in the future before someone posts a new thread we should have an initial post which outlines all the possible search terms for the thread that person wishes to create. That way everyone can see the extent the OP went to too make sure that his post wasn’t something from two years ago.

    Then when the time is just right the OP can make an addendum to his initial post to save themselves from getting responses from the forum arse hats.

    What do you think joel?

  3. Search is a little vague here, but you get used to it. Best to search the site using google.
    intitle:electric site:https://netrider.net.au/forums
  4. hee hee - thanks mate

    At least we know that the site owner/s are getting good value for money with the paid search since it's easily found via google.

  5. Make sure you're wearing your propeller hat when you do that.
  6. haa - so true.

    I'm suprised that the search hasn't been optimised already given that this site "probably" turns over some substantial net add profits to be able to fix internal search.
  7. I think you need a hug.
    I wasn't being nasty, just pointing it out, thats why I used a smiley thing at the end. Much like now :) :)

    There is an art to searching, some can, some cant.