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Invention of the year! beer chilled in seconds...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. And it was invented by a kiwi bro! :eek:


    Kiwi champ chills beer in seconds for summer
    November 14, 2007 01:00am
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    A GADGET that can chill a warm can of beer in seconds has been invented just in time for summer.

    New Zealand student Kent Hodgson came up with the device after being confronted with the problem of tepid beer at a barbecue this year.

    Mr Hodgson, 22, has called his invention Huski, which he intends to patent.

    It involves the instant production of dry ice pellets you can pop into your beer.

    Dry ice has a cooling capacity almost four times that of the same amount of regular ice, with a surface temperature of minus 78.5C.

    A canister can fill 30 330ml bottles at a cost of 6c each.
  2. Bah it was invented years ago - it's called a CO2 fire extinguisher ;) :-w
  3. Ha ha ha

    Can you believe he hasn't patented it yet though?? But he's telling everyone about it!!
  4. True, some CO2 extinguishers come with a nozzle that neatly fits a 500mL can inside.

    At work, we just have to make do with liquid nitrogen (-195.8C)
  5. Chill an object to -300 degrees Celsius:

    1) Place object between you and girlfriend's gaze.

    2) Ask "Have you put on weight?".

    3) Warning, object maybe so cold it sticks to moistures in skin etc. Area of effect chilling may occure, so attempt a safe distance or utilise some sort of shield.
  6. Hahahahaha genius! I much prefer this invention!!!! :p
    I'd become a pretend lesbian just to get fake girlfriends who can then make my drinks cold! Brilliant!!!!

  7. GOLD!

    dare you to try it though :LOL:
  8. Depends. If he's already started the paperwork for a patent then the IP is protected. So no harm in going public since if anyone else tried to patent something similar you'd have pretty good proof of where they ripped they idea off from.
    Patents take a lot of time, paperwork and lawyers to make final, in fact by the time most patents have been finalised someone (ie the Chinese) has usually already found a way around it and has started producing cheaper copies anyway.