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Introductory post

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DarrenM79Au, May 23, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm Darren and im from Melbourne Victoria.

    I have just got my motorcycle L's and have found this site while looking for information on motorbikes, particularly pro's and cons of particular models.

    At the moment I am tossing up between the Yamaha Virago 250 and the Yamaha V-Star 650, the main reason for that is that even though i like the look, and the price, of the virago I'm not sure that it will happily cary my 120kg frame safely down the highway at the posted speed limit without revving its guts out.

    I'd appreciate the advice of those of you who have owned these or similar bikes particularly those who have lived life on the hefty side.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Take Care,


    p.s. I did the two day learner course at HART in Somerton with Mark as my instructor and found it to be an excellent and suportive environment to learn in.

  2. Welcome to Nutrider!
  3. Hi Darren,

    Welcome. Take the 650. A big guy on a 250 you will find it difficult to pass slower traffic safely. The 650 will give you a bit more reserve of power. When you are ready come down to Saturday morning practice.
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  4. Welcome Darren,
    For my partners first bike we bought her a Virago 250.
    I did the first 300 K's on it though before I went and got a XVS650. I'm 85 kilo but the 250 was just too slow out on the open road. IE heading out to Healesville. It wouldn't hold 100k/h on anything that wasn't flat.

    I bought the custom, and then upgraded to an 1100 when she decided that riding was too hard.
    You'll be much happier with the 650. If you prefer the classic look then I've seen a few for sale on some of the other club sites lately. Don't see many customs come up though.

    Whatever you end up with, enjoy.
  5. Welcome Darren. With your bigger frame you should get a bigger bike. I am 75kg and have a 500, which is not enough anymore so I'm looking for a few more horses as I've been off restrictions for a while (test riding is fun). I doubt a 250 would cut it for you. But if comfortable and you like it, go for it.
  6. Welcome, if you are tall go the 650, the 250 is way to small and light
    I went the vt400 but i prefer honda and that was the only cruiser they make that is lams
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for all the advice, I'm going to test ride a Virago in the next few days and see how it feels, it's old but cheap and will be good to learn on and if I like it I'll probably get it, worse case scenario is it disappoints on the highway and I get a bigger bike and my much smaller lighter girlfriend rides the Virago. Will let you all know how I go, I appreciate your advice.
  8. ... "but I'm not going to take it"
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  9. welcome aboard mate test ride both before you decide that way you're not wasting time and money
  10. Hey guys, im going to give a virago a test ride and if it does enough for me I'll probably get it. When i am ready to mix it up with the Melbourne hwy traffic i'll most likely change the front and rear sprockets to give me a bit more out of the bike. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. Love the plan test ride them all.
    The wife did a sprocket change on her bike last week she says it feels like a new bike. now...

    Handy Hint.

    Sit on the bike and ask the sales rep to take a picture of you sitting on it.

    Look at he picture and pick what looks best , you have to look good on a cruiser :)

    Also get him to hold the bike up as you place both legs on the forward pegs
    see where your knees end up and you can reach the handle bars.

    Have fun !!!!!!!
  12. Hi Darren, thumbs up on HART Somerton. They really do know what they are about and also have a good range of bikes to try out - though I'd give the little pink scoot a miss.

    The last thing you want are cars passing you while the twofiddy is thinking about getting up to speed. The aim is to be able to run at 10% faster than the cars in all circumstances. 120 kg needs the extra horses that a 250 just won't muster.
  13. I'm going to add to the advice. A 250 seems like a good idea when starting but at your size you will find the Virago is very cramped and a bit of a pain to ride for long.

    The Virago is a 19hp bike, the XVS650 is 39hp. The Virago gets upset on the highway by trucks (well actually at any speed over 80).

    I'm a similar weight to you and find the VTR a little gutless at times - it weighs about the same as the Virago but has 33hp.

    Anyway welcome, ride them all and see what you find works for you. Don't discount a trail bike (enduro/dual sport) - they can be a good learning machine.
  14. Hi :). I ride a 2005 Virago 250. I love love LOVE her and ride her everyday....but then I am only 60kg lol. I would go the bigger size. I have no issue out on the open road and have done about 3000 km on her since purchasing her in January with no problems, however I think being heavier you may find it a bit sluggish. :) All the best
  15. Hey Guys, thanks for the response, i ended up getting a vstar 250, which makes it to 100 in a head wind with my gigantic arse on it, but it needs to have the throttle wide open to get there. I plan on talking to someone about upgrading the sprockets and chain (taller gears, probably 17/40) and seeing what kind of difference that makes, but overall I feel good on the bike and enjoy riding it around, even if it produces more of a squeek than a growl.