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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by derangedrover, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Just trying to follow etiquette and introduce myself.
    Im Derangedrover, located in Townsville.


  2. Hi, mind if we call you deranged for short? :LOL:

    Welcome to NR! :grin:
  3. Did you just post your very brief introduction in the hope it will justify your for sale post for your bike, the one you posted 5 mins before you posted your introduction, and the one that will get chopped up and maybe deleted??
  4. Feels like I know so much about you already [​IMG]
  5. TWEET,

    Pretty much.
    I dont have the time or inclination to spend hours on here. I realise my add may well be deleted, and so be it. The fact is it serves not only me by reaching a wider audience, it also helps Netrider regulars and visitors who may be looking for a new ride. Yes I did post in the for sale section first, after having read the announcements at the top, sorry if the five minute discrepancy was so injurous to your sense of justice.
    Thanks for taking the time to reinforce to me why I dont spend much time in forums.
    My introduction was intentionally brief as I dont spend much time in here, usually only browsing the classifieds when Im chasing something, and as Im selling my bike and wont be getting another in the near future, I certainly wont be spending any time in here.
    As a side note, if you had actually read what I posted as an introduction, it would have been a fairly simple process of deduction to figure out I had done exactly as you posted, but thank you for your obvious concern.
    Now that I have wasted five minutes of my life replying to your retorical question, I hope you feel as robbed having taken the time to read my reply.

  6. Hahaha, good retort, mate.

    Welcome to NR! Shame you're not going to be around much, with a comeback like that. You could've been handy to have around. :grin: