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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by StereoHead, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone.......

    I never formally introduced myself... I'm StereoHead... well not really ofcourse, I mean, my mother was mean but not THAT mean...

    I'm in Kew, on a green 04 Kawasaki ZX6R... At the moment you can find me in the spur most weekends... I moved over from NZ just over 2 years ago, so I am discovering your best places to ride at the moment...

    I have been riding since 1987, on the road anyway.... My first bike as a Suzuki GF250SS... since then I have had about 8 bikes, with the ZXR being the latest in the line...

    uhhhmmm.... so yeah... Hi...
  2. G'day Stereohead, and welcome. From NZ, you say...must be south island. Iffracem and Smack are from our south island and they're reputed to have stereo heads.
  3. hehe... nice one :)
  4. Me dear mum always said that if I was going to do something, I should do it properly :)
  5. ahh another ksrc member joins here, hi and welcome

    cheers stewy
  6. Yeah, its my backup forum hehehe... Since the great crash of 05 I have decided to cover my bases in case of another crash.... I had serious withdrawals during the great crash...
  7. yep life just becomes so hard when the forums crash, and they all seem to crash at once too........ i think admin need to work alot harder to make sure these types of things don't happen, as it could end badly for some people, what no life without my forum whats the point of going on...... :LOL:
  8. I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before *scratches head*
  9. Where about's in NZ are you from?

    I came over a little over 2 years ago too.
  10. Im a JAFA :)

    Used to live in Massey and Henderson, then moved to Eden Tce...

    If you were in Aucks, did you ride there?
  11. Gday and well ummmm you know everyone here.....its your turn to do the dishes

    Cheers 8)
  12. I did the dishes 3 weeks ago!
  13. Nah. I'm from Welli. started riding here 6 months ago after always wanting too but never getting around to it (to costly to run a car and bike).
    Living near the city I never bothered with a vehicle until I took a job further out. The choice was easy! Get that bike I always wanted. :)
  14. yeah rego over here is so damned expensive!!
  15. Hey stereohead welcome, Im also from NZ from way down in Christchurch though
  16. Just in time it seems..... the forum is down AGAIN