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VIC Introduction

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BananaBoat, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Hello, my name is Wil and I have been reading a lot of NR forums lately as they have been very helpful in getting me motivated to start riding. I'll be sitting my test in December for my L's and hopefully get a nice CB250 (188cm, 74kg) with protective clothing for around $4k. I'm currently studying in Melbourne north so my budget is quite small for the starter bike, any tips will be appreciated and I will try and be active on the forums.
    Thanks guys,

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  2. welcome aboard wil :)

    A couple of great places to start looking for gear AMX superstores several locations, or if you can get out to Dandenong checkout MCAS. Great gear great prices.

    Bikers Gear Australia is also another good option, as is second hand see the thread here (except for helmets always buy new )

    Good luck for the test :)
  3. For the Helmet I was looking at getting the Shark Explore R with an antifog visor, I have prescription glasses so when I am not wearing contact lenses I need to have room for the glasses. Plus I have researched that the helmet takes a pretty hard knock and keeps your head safe :)
    Thanks for making me feel welcomed,
    Edit: I also have read somewhere here that buying the Jacket and pants second hand is a good option. Not sure on second hand gloves or boots.
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  4. Test out a few bikes before u buy one mate . The cb250 is pretty gutless bike if u ask me.
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  5. Welcome Will , buy the best you can afford . Can usually find some high quality gear 2nd hand for not much money .
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, Yeah I've looked at other bikes but I'll only be a learner and have only ever ridden a few off road dirt bikes with mates. The CB250 seems to be really easy to fiddle with mechanically. Just reading a few issues that I think I could possibly fix and maintain myself. When I get a little more adept I'll upgrade to a bike with more grunt :)
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse BananaBoatBananaBoat

    Also welcome to a huge learning curve! It will last a life time :)

    $4K is a v basic budget but it's doable. Eventually as you save up get better stuff.

    I'd start looking at some 2nd hand gear on gumtree and eBay , cash converters etc such a riding boots, gloves, jacket and pants. You can sometimes pick some good stuff there that's only been used once or twice.
    The helmet buy new. It's a personal preference there for what your wallet can handle and what your egg feels like in it....

    Like basejumperbasejumper said. The cb250 is quite gutless. But it is v easy mechanically! That was my first bike and it taught me a lot. It was quite bomb proof and if you can learn how to squeeze the most out of it, it really teaches you how to work the gears well lol :p
    However, in the mean time see if you can try and throw your leg over as many as you can. You never know... You may find something better for your frame and budget.

    Good luck!
  8. Welcome :)
  9. Welcome mate. Let ebay be your friend on all bar helmets.

    Ive been lucky enough to pick up great boots for 40 bucks, draggin jeans for 60. Mcas and Amx also have a lot of bargain items on their websites
  10. Hey BananaBoatBananaBoat! Welcome aboard and kudos for picking an awesome username!!

    I think a little 250cc bike will be an awesome start. You can upgrade at a later stage but if riding is what you want to do, may as well start now within your budget than wait for your dream bike!

    I ride a little ninja 300 and love it to bits. It took me a fair amount of convincing to get something small initially when I was looking for bikes. I was convinced I would need a big 600cc bike to do all the trips that I wanted. I'm so glad I've ended up with a smaller bike because it's done so much for building my confidence and new skills relatively quickly. And it hasn't stopped me from doing lots of regular highway travel and longer trips.

    Good luck on your new quest! Keep us updated on your progress and definitely ask any questions out on the forums - it helped me so much when starting out earlier this year. Such a friendly and knowledgeable group here!
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  11. Thankyou everyone! Awesome community in these forums!
    I'll continue to read everything I can here and try and maintain updates if I can, I keep reading up on tips and whatnot in the forum but I am using the VicRoads handbook right now as a bible and it has taught me a few new things I never thought about riding. The Honda CB250 has some issues finding neutral apparently with the engine running and some fuel issues from what I have read but there are loads of guides to fix these issues. Lots of people in these forums also help out with any problems:)! I'll check eBay more often, The helmet and gear I am splurging on whereas the bike I think will take a few dints so better to spend less money on it and see how well I respect it :D.
    10th December will be the earliest I can get my Learners as that is the only vacancy from my hometown during Summer work. Then I will have to wait another 3 months to buy a bike unless I can find a nearby dealer in my small town. Only in Melbourne for University which is an adventure itself!
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  12. Welcome to NR..

    Don't forget to come down to the Saturday Learner sessions in Elwood...

  13. I won't be able to make it until February unfortunately. The Summer harvest and University Semester controls me right now but after February I will definitely make an appearance! I joined early so I make sure I buy the right gear and then a good bike. I really value my limbs and brain cells :p.
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  14. Welcome, Will.
  15. February is fine too..

    Remember Will..where there's a will there's a way. :D
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  16. Well now there's a good way to start! Welcome Wil :)
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  17. Welcome Wil
  18. Damn you, Raj, you beat me to it!!!!!
    Welcome Wil. Ditto on what the others have said. Plus when it's time to buy, see if you can take one of the very knowledgeable Netriders along with you!
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  19. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels Wil! :)
  20. Welcome BananaBoatBananaBoat!

    Yes, lots of secondhand clothing bargains out there, check also the free to good home thread on this site, stuff comes up from time to time.

    Helmet? As others have said best to buy new. This site may help you make your choice: Welcome to CRASH!
    Big dollars do not always mean big protection. Remember though it must be comfortable, no bargain if it pains you to wear it.