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Introduction of a newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jcal_101, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    how are you going? just want to introduce myself as a new rider. got my learners today, which im stoke prior to the last couple of days i havent been on a bike before and i must say its all the fun and more that i hoped it will be.... I got myself a honda CB250 2001, something nice to learn on and very keen in putting hours into riding.

    thanks guys, will be asking for tips and checking the forum out.

  2. Welcome mate! Remember to take it slow, learn how to ride and stay safe! If there is anything you would like to know then don't be afraid to ask!

  3. welcome. Shoulda used welcome lounge for this, but who cares...as long as you intro yourself. back streets are your friends. Empty carpark are friendly too.
  4. lol didnt look throughly enough just saw this was the new riders session... yeah im planning to work my way up from back streets first until i feel confident enough for the jungle out there. im excited, ive been searching the forums for tips and once i start riding im sure ill be asking some questions lol:)
  5. Not a bad idea to spend an hour or so just going around the block in a quiet street. Helps you practice stoppig starting and cornering in a fairly safe environment. If there is a park near you othat may be ideal as you usually can see across corners easier and so spot any other traffic well before the corner. Don't forget to spend time going around clockwise and anti-clockwise, so you get both left and right turn practice. And when it's clear behind don't forget to practice some emergency braking.
  6. Welcome :)

    I have just got my licence about a month ago now and just starting to ride too.

    I was going to do the back street for a while, but just sort of ended up along with the flow of traffic of Marion road ( last sunday in the pouring rain too ) and not looked back.

    I found that was best for me, but its always best to do what you ultimately feel most comfortable with :)
  7. yeah i had my maiden voyage today and all i can say is that im hooked. started slow around the back streets just to get comfortable with the bike then things just went on from there, i had to go to the shops for my mum so i had experience in mild traffic plus i had to go to my uncles house to so it was good to interact with other cars. i cant believe how enjoyable it is.

    ps. probably ask some questions when i come to it, but for now im enjoying the ride :0
  8. Thats great. Becareful for the 1second indicator and change lane cagers. dont sit in blind spots of any cars/trucks, either sit behind or rev teh crap (even if you have to speed for a few secs) and getin front
  9. ok well ive been riding pretty much everyday since friday and i slowly built my way up to going on main roads and interacting with the traffic. i must say school home time and work home time are a biatch of a time to ride. everyone is on the edge lol.... well since ive been riding i feel that im growing with each experience. i want to be as smooth as possible though, i still feel im a bit jittery defo when it comes to traffic lights... i just got to relax and just go with the flow... i want to know if there is any way to be smooth in your riding, weight tranistioning and throttle-brake is something thats on my mind :)

    hope you get what i mean ;p
  10. It takes time. At the moment just ride.
  11. welcome bud :)
  12. Hey there.

    Cb250 rider myself - 01 as well. 11k clocked up on the little beast.

    Great bike to learn on - teach yourself to service it as well, very easy to work on.

    Small regular riding sessions are the go when starting out. Freeway / rain conditions will take some getting used to. Remember to wear your gear and good luck.
  13. Welcome to the classroom, you can learn a lot here, some of it about riding :LOL:.