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introduction/my scooter/my first crash. 3rd netrider today?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. :moped: hi there, i've been browsing these boards for ages, put down a couple of posts but i believe it's time to properly introduce myself :)

    i recently (late march) picked up a new benelli (well sort of new, it's a 99 model that's been sitting in a factory for 5 years) k2 50cc scooter (no not like the ''newly complianced'' CBR250's this one actually is 'new' except for its age) :p and passed my L's at armstrongs (great guys, great course)

    here's the scooter


    while i would rather be on a zzr250 my budget wouldn't allow for it, i'm hoping to upgrade by summer.. but that's all boring stuff.. here is my tale of woe :D

    i go to uni in berwick, and live in brighton, travelling by train it can take 2 hours each way, so i decided to take the scooter today.. except there's one problem. 50cc and monash freeway do not mix :p so i attempted to take it though back streets, which was bloody horrible, bloody long and bloody stupid, ended up taking a large empty roundabout to fast, couldn't steer out of trouble in time (funny how you can drag the pegs on the no-stress test track at armstrongs, but not when it counts!) and ended up hitting the gutter, and landing on the nature-strip.

    idiotic thing to do, i was 1km from berwick uni, after almost 2 hours of riding! but anyway i can't really complain as the bike is ok except for the paintwork and a broken off mirror, and i'm fine thanks to my gear, except for a swolen hand.

    i'll get some pics up to show the results of my quality riding skills later this evening :)

    obviously my little prang was very minor compared to col and bladewar's. I wish them all the best in their recoveries.

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  2. Cool place to keep the scooter, wish I could keep mine in the lounge...Mrs Nodz might have something to say about that though...:LOL:
  3. cool place indeed to keep the steed! lol i was thinking along the same lines for my new bike, except more towards the bedroom and tied to my big toe so i know if anyone is gonna pinch it. LMAO dont think my dad would be please tho.

    Remember any off is no good, so good luck in getting it back on the road, all shiney and new again!
  4. The track and the road are such different beasts aren't they?

    Sorry to hear about the off, hope the swelling goes down quickly and you get your scooter fixed ASAP :)
  5. welcome to the site .
    you dont have to be going fast to hurt yourself , thats for sure , it all depends on how you land and what you hit .

    recover quickly , dont forget friday night coffee's
    see post in rides and events section

  6. Welcome to the forums slyfox, good to hear your off was relatively minor and that you're up and about. :)
  7. Welcome to the forums slyfox