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Introduction + Concern

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by neogeo, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    My name is Frank and I thought I might introduce myself on this forum!

    I'm 25 with a full drivers license. Currently a few weeks into my Motorcycle Learners. I work full time in IT, I study part time and I"m not really mechanically savvy. I not overly tall either, standing on 168 cm with a weight of 67 kg.

    A few weeks ago, I decided to give motorcycles a go and decided to buy a Honda CBR125 as I was told it was a good city bike for under 4k. I tried out a couple of the other bikes as well but it felt a little tall for me, I had to almost tippy toe to move the bike on neutral. So I had to settle for the cbr125.

    My daily commutes are from home-Camperdown o work-Surry Hills (about 3-4 km) and from Surry Hills to Sydney Uni (about 1-2km). Once in a while I would visit my family near the Epping area, which would be about a 27km ride each way.

    My concerns: Over the last couple of weeks, I've ridden on high winds, rain etc. What frightens me the most is high winds. Would any Netriders offer me some advice? Is it my technique or is it the bike? or both?

    (sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section)

  2. No problems, Frank, and welcome

    Riding in the wind is a new rider's concern that comes up often here

    The beat advice is NOT to tense up, but to relax your arms and wrists; strange as it may sound, the bike is highly unlikely to tip over.
  3. welcome to NR frank,

    i m new to riding aswell..I ride an Aprilia RS 125. I do Beverly Hills to Liverpool 7 days a week & trust me I have come across high winds. Some times it feels like the bike is going to tip over, Totally agree to Mr. Hornet here not to be tense up , relax your arms & wrists, also I have figured is to adjust your body position to aerodynamic position( kneel down closer to the tank) this I think should work.

    Cheers mate
  4. Thanks for the welcome Hornet and Speedy.

    I just rode again last night with the tips in mind, and it actually felt better.
  5. staying relaxed on the bike, using your legs/ass to stay on the bike but being loose on the bars is the best way to not only deal with high winds but ride a motorcycle in general.

    The gyroscopic effect of the bike will best be allowed to do its work at keeping the bike upright if you do not fight it by being tense on the bars.
  6. Go to the learner sessions at Homebush (free)
  7. Welcome Frank to NR, as you can see advice is free, so ALL of the above!! GOZ hit a very important note, do it, you wont be sorry!!
  8. Thanks for the heads up guys!

    Free learner sessions sounds great! Will be checking it out!

    Just had a browse through those threads. Starting to love this community :]
  9. G’day Frank and welcome to NR :)

    The first time you're cruising along at 80km/h and a truck goes past doing 100km/h+, you learn a lot about yourself as a person :D
    Unfortunately, that was my introduction to riding in windy conditions. Scared the shit outta me but I’ve now got it out of my system and can comfortably ride in fairly windy conditions. Once you have done it a few times, you don’t really notice it anymore (unless it is blowing an absolute gale ;))
  10. Thanks!

    I see your name down for the Terigal ride this saturday?

    Is that newbie friendly?


  11. Yep, I’ll be there ;)
    Whether the ride there will be newbie friendly, I couldn’t say. Although, as the practice session is aimed at newbies, I wouldn’t imagine the guys would organise a ride that was too challenging. Not sure of the route they are taking so you’d probably be best asking Goz or Ozyoda.

    Having said that, this will be my second “long” run (roughly 2 hours from where I live), my previous being a bit of a blat up around Cessnock and the wineries with a mate who is a reasonably experienced rider about a month ago.
    Still slightly nervous on longer runs, but I’m not one to shy away from the challenge either. My best advice would be to take your time, don’t rush it, and just enjoy the ride :)
  12. Route to Terrigal


    I think this is the route they are taking.

    It would be nice to meet some other Netriders out there. And you too of course :]

    Cessnock and the wineries would of been beautiful I would of imagine. At least it was when I was driving...