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Introduction and G'day

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daryl Rosevear, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Hey all, bought a brand new 2013 XJR 1300 for day trips with the missus through the superb Adelaide hills. Very comfy 2 up.
    She was getting cramps on the back of my R1 ( no surprise there ) Only getting around 200ks for a tank ( before reserve ) but don't mind giving a bit through the hills. Have changed the rear tyre to the new pilot 4. Was disappointed with the original Dunlop, only got just over 3,500ks.
    Good fun, easy to ride within it's limits, and able to get off at the end of the day without a sore back ( I'm not getting any younger!!!!!! )
    Have fitted a stubby Scorpion can which looks good and has a great note.
    I notice power commanders are non-existent, any other ideas from the forum?
    Looking forward to being part of the "1300" family.

  2. Welcome to NR....

    Nice bike there...I've been eyeing it for a while as well. Will upgrade some time soon (hopefully)...
  3. Howdy, welcome aboard. Nice to have another South Aussie on the boards.
  4. Welcome to NR , Daryl !
  5. welcome aboard Daryl :], I'm suddenly having visions of the Newhart show
  6. LOL, luckily it's not my other brother Daryl!!! I'm actually off for a couple of weeks after an accident. A truck didn't see me at a roundabout ( he fessed afterwards ) as I moved off he moved straight in front of me, I couldn't avoid him, hit the front of the truck and went down with my R1 on top of me. 4-5 k damage for the bike, mainly cosmetic, I took a gash in my shin bone which the foot peg went into ( through my draggin jeans ) and broke off on the road. All reported etc. went to hospital, 10 stitches, but the hurt at the moment is soft tissue damage in my upper thigh which is giving me the absolute shits. Baby steps but getting there, just a major head f@#$ sorting through the paperwork. Oh well, it gives me a chance to catch up on all the shows I've taped but haven't seen yet, WSBK rounds, Troy Bayliss classic etc. Going to try and throw my leg over the xjr 1300 this coming weekend. I don't give a rat's arse about the fluro? jacket argument, it was a perfect day, great conditions, bright blue Joe Rocket jacket on and he didn't have a clue.
    Cheers all, Daryl
  7. Glad to hear that you're getting better from your earlier off. It's the old, old story - if they ain't looking , they ain't gonna see you !
  8. Gday Daz nice choice of bike i test rode an xjr here in melb recently just for something to do love the old skool naked style simplicity. Hope you have some good trips on it. I want to ride over to adelaide one day via mt gambier my missus has family in adelaide