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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by swellso, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. ..........swellso (bom tish)

    Hey guys, only had my L's a month or so and gotten into riding recently. Usually race cars to get my speed rush and have an Evo lancer that I do some club level stuff in but with it using a tank of fuel everytime I start her up I needed something cheaper to run around in.

    So after much prodding from my partner (she has a scooter), I got my licence and an old Honda Spada. I'd post a pic but I haven't actually taken any.

    Anyway good to meet you all and hopefully I'll get to a few of the tassie meet ups.


  2. Welcome and enjoy the forum swellso.
  3. Hi swellso, good choice of first bike. Welcome to the forum. :grin:
  4. Hi Swellso,


    funny you should turn up, just booked a Tassie, bike holiday......

    Hope you had better luck than Fiery with you leaners.

    Enjoy the forum.

  5. Welcome from an ex-Taswegian :)
  6. Cheers Rev

    Fiery seems to have had rotten luck. I had no problems with DECA at all. Did the course in Launceston because I was up there for a few weeeks with work, only waited 2-3 weeks from booking. Hadn't ever ridden a 250 before (and only once ridden a bike with gears - a little honda 100 a few weeks proir). Passed no problem.

    The instrutors were really nice (at least one, and I think both did work for Stay Upright), and they did take the time with one guy on the course who was having trouble with "pause stops".

    And thanks to everyone else for the welcome :grin:
  7. Welcome swellso, swelling the ranks of the Taswegian Netriders.
  8. Welcome - hope you enjoy.
  9. Welcome...

    You'll have a lot of fun on the Spada - a good choice. :grin:
  10. Gday m8 and welcome to the Zoo

    Cheers :cool:
  11. G'day, good to meet you at Joe's