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Introducing the Duchess ... My 696 Duke!

Discussion in 'Naked' started by PSYKC, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. #1 PSYKC, Feb 18, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
    image. image. image. As I wave two beautiful predecessors goodbye, I am reminded of the amazing times I have shared with both! In just 20 short months I have grown as a rider, as a person and have had an absolute blast along the way! I can no longer imagine a life without a bike!!!

    Thanks chillibuttonchillibutton for being amazingly patient on my journey and for supporting me, mentoring me and allowing me to grow into all my rides!!

    And I promise, I have found THE ONE!

    Introducing THE DUCHESS! Let the coffee jokes begin ...

    She's a beauty and this time I have checked EVERYTHING: The height is right, the pegs are in the right place, the seat sculpted to perfection, the tank sits neatly between my thighs, the weight is a dream, the power exhilarating, the colour the perfect shade of black, she purrs and roars at the twist of the wrist!
    This my love, is sex on wheels!!!

    No more to say! Let's ride babe! I hear the coffee's great in Yea!!!
    image. image. image.
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  2. Wohoooooo PSYKCPSYKC :applause:
    Welcome to Duchess and may you both jhave endless fun times , adventures and lots of twistys!
    Nice bike. Zeddee sends his regards ;)
  3. Sexc
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  4. Awww thank you, you're gorgeous!!!
    Need to ride together one day!!!
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  5. Congratulations on the new ride, and welcome to the club.

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  6. Watch that pelvic grinding lassie.
    (Realtime demonstration needed)
  7. Thank you! Very pleased to be here!
    When the guy selling the bike asked: "have you ridden a Duke before?" And I said "no"!, he just grinned!!! I swear he knew she was sold before I even got on her!!!
  8. Can tell u I noticed that on the test ride!!
    Yumm! :cat:
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  9. The dealer where I first test-rode a Hyper was the same, all smug and sure that I'd be hooked. Joke was on him - I ended up buying my Duc from someone else!

    It's a great bike, the 696, and you've found a particularly pretty one. Love the exhaust and matte hornet colour scheme.
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  10. Yeah the guy was meticulous about his bike!
    Quick plug for him: Steve at XL Body Works in Richmond! Really nice guy too, would happily go back if I needed further mods! (Unlike your initial experience it seems)
  11. Nah wasn't bad or anything like that, just went off to think about it and then found a better deal elsewhere.

    Congratulations again, and make sure you post a vid at some point. I'm curious what that pipe sounds like.
  12. Thanks!!!
    Sounds unreal!! Will get chillibuttonchillibutton onto it! He's the technology guy :)
  13. My my.... That's a very VERY sexy Bella :love:! Congratulations PSYKCPSYKC, what a great choice :happy:
    I knew it would be black, but that matte black with a little touch of yellow is so classy, sassy and sexy all at the same time. Beautiful ride for a gorgeous girl, may you both become the best mates and share endless miles of twisties (y)
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  14. That is one very schmexy bike PSYKCPSYKC . Love it! Congratulations.:woot:
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  15. Congrats PSYKCPSYKC, a fantastic bike for a great girl! Happy riding!! Can I come along for a ride with you guys one day please??
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  16. Congrats on the new ride :) looks great
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  17. Congrats...

    Wow...looks amazing...

    Black is the best colour, isn't it?

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  18. Lol!!! Any time!!!
  19. Thanks!!! So excited!!!
    (Grinning from ear 2 ear)
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  20. The guy has done an awesome job! Feel very lucky to have found her! Wonder what he's gunna do to his upgrade??? Duc 821 I think he said???